Tuesday 6 May 2014

Complaints about Social Media Complainers

May 6th The Face of the Book
I don't quite know how to write this post. I've wanted to for quite a while, but keep coming up with reasons not to. Possibly because it's been done.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I am done apologising for it. I am on it, I go on Twitter, and I blog. As far as social networking go, I am using these as much as I can to get my name out there, and to share my writing. 

I also post funny pictures, pictures with friends, pictures of my day, and selfies. Again, I won't say I'm sorry for that. 

I spend time reading updates on Facebook. I sometimes read articles that are posted, and I sometimes watch videos. I don't always. It depends whether I'm interested.

I look at pictures others post, I read the inspirational or funny quotes they post, and I comment or share if I see something that interests me.

If somebody posts good or exciting news, I'll usually like or comment. If they post news that is sad or angers them, I sometimes comment, or send them a private message.

I try not to let a lot of things bother me on Facebook.

I get annoyed when the same post is shared over and over. I don't usually comment, but I sometimes wish people would research what they post before just saying anything. I've done this myself though.

I also am not comfortable reading 'public' Facebook fights between people. I do read them though. Sometimes I laugh, and am happy I'm not in that place.

I HATE HATE HATE slut shaming posts. I hate post or memes that make fun of others. I think adults that post this should think about what they post before they complain about disrespectful teenagers.

My annoyances, for the most part, come from those that are ALWAYS negative about what others post on Facebook.

In my personal and humble opinion, if you don't like what somebody is sharing, instead of getting annoyed and making fun of them, just stop reading the posts. Unfriend them, or block the posts. Or, god forbid, quit Facebook if everything you see pisses you off.

If you don't like game requests, block them. It's possible. I know this because I don't ever get them. I don't get notifications on my phone or email of ANY kind, and I blocked all game requests years ago. If I get a new one, I block the game. Problem solved. I try not to send out requests unless I know the person is playing a game, but sometimes the game misleads you. That being said, I really don't play a lot of fb games. How can I when I'm blogging, writing, working, commenting, and taking selfies? I only have so much time in a day.

If somebody wants to talk about something great they achieved, and encourage others, good on them. I will never begrudge them that. (Speaking from somebody who talked about finishing a book for days.) Yes, countdowns to weddings or big events get to be too much (I totally did a countdown for my Mexico trip), but who cares? If it bothers you, log off Facebook or unfriend them. If it makes you angry... if it makes you SO angry that somebody is excited about what they're doing, maybe it's time to figure out why something written on a computer makes you so upset.

I like the motivational posts. Somebody finished a marathon... that's really great. (Also, something I will respect, but probably will never do).

Speaking of viral posts though. This post has been ALL over the place lately on FB. Look Up is the name. I think it's nice, and I like those talking poem type posts. I've seen others that I've liked better about other topics. This particular one, while I get the point, I find strange that it's ALL over social media when the very point is to put down your phones and log off Facebook. I feel like a lot of people are going to watch it, and then go on with their every day lives, including the social media and phones.

This one (below) didn't go viral, but I saw it on Facebook and liked it. It's a bit off subject, but I thought about it today because it's read in the same way as the above one.

 Love This One Here: Mathematics

One other post, I DID NOT like. All over Facebook about two to three weeks ago a picture and blog link were going around Facebook entitled "Hey Fatty" 

Basically, it said something about how you'll be amazed and surprised at the inspirational post it becomes. Here's my opinion: you don't have to post a picture of somebody who didn't agree to be part of an 'inspirational post', and you don't have to start it in a rude and condescending way just to shock people into reading it. I get why she or he wrote it, but I don't get the need to be an ass. I've posted the link below, as well as two responses to it.

Post Here

First Response

One more thing before I stop my complaining Facebook post. I get frustrated at the pictures people sneak of others (strangers) and post because they thought they were wearing something funny or strange or because they don't fit in their view of what people should look like. I am not saying I don't sometimes judge (I do), I just think it doesn't always need to be shared on Facebook. As I said above, if this gets to me too much, the solution is easy. I will ignore it, delete it, or log off Facebook. (I will probably not ever quit Facebook. That would be an empty threat.)

I don't know if any sort of point got across in this post, but I'm still happy I wrote it. I got long winded and away from the point. The point is Facebook is useful and I, personally, love keeping in contact with 'long losts'. I sometimes need a break though. People share and post more than they need to (me included), but if it gets to me, I'll shut down, take a break or unfriend. I'll never 'quit' Facebook. It would be an empty threat.

I will be sharing this on my Social Networks as soon as I proof read and spell check. (Which doesn't usually stop the mistakes.)

Update: I thought of one other thing. Hashtags. They seem to be a running joke with EVERYONE. I get the humour - it gets to be a bit much. People have commented to me (or complained) that I use them on Facebook. I don't use them on Facebook. I use them on Instagram and on Twitter. If I hashtag something on Instagram, I can click on it and look at all the pictures other people posted of the same thing. If I hashtag on Twitter, I can click on it and see things with the same hashtag. Make jokes all you want, it's opened up an entirely new network of friends and other writers. Any writer can just look up 'amwriting' or 'blogging' and see all the others who are doing the same thing. I don't do it on Facebook unless it's been shared from Instagram or Twitter. I do that. I'm not sure of the point of them on Facebook, but I keep that more private than the rest of my social media world. 

Complain Away. Ha.

Until tomorrow.

And as always:

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