Monday 12 May 2014

Writing Update Monday

Writing Update:

Even though yesterday was basically a bit of an update about a writing experience, I still feel like I need more of an update. I have a lot to say, and more goals, and I think writing them down might help with that.

It's been a month since I sent my query letter and 20 pages of my manuscript away. I've waited for a month, and some days, I forget that I'm waiting. Kind of.

Even though I already sent the 20 pages, I decided something today. I've decided to edit it one more time. I know the editing is never done, but I feel it can use at least one more edit from me. I'm sure I will be making a few more changes, and that's fine to do while waiting. In other words, the new novel will have to wait until I try to perfect the older novel once again.

There are some parts that I love. For instance, the partial climax that I read out loud on Saturday night doesn't need a lot of changes. It was well written, and it does exactly what I want it to. It's a very emotional scene, and I feel that I got that across exactly as I wanted. In fact, after writing that part the first time, I had to stop writing, and take a breather. It was hard to write, but I am happy it turned out as it did.

I can't say that for all of the novel. I want every bit of it to be as good as that part. I might as well start now. I think it's good that I took this break before going back to it, even if that wasn't my intention.

While I'm at home, I'll work on more edits. It shouldn't make a difference to the publishers because they only have the first 20 pages. I can rework some of it while I wait. Nothing I do will change the outcome of the story.

I guess, I decided that I love my novel, and I want to make it as great as it can be so others can love it as well.

As for the second novel, I'm not going to start writing it right now. Especially since I'm editing, but I will start working on the plot and characters. Where they are now, and what's happening that we need to know. I didn't do that with the first, but I think it'll be necessary for this one.

Something I learned this weekend: I want a desk.
One more thing, I'd like to do with my writing is go back to short stories. It used to be all I would write. I have not written one in a long time, partially, I think because I don't know what to write about. I'm going to start writing non-fiction short stories. I have a lot of stories to share about my personal experiences, and there is no better way to do it. I'm hoping to start submitting them as well to magazines and writing contests. I want to get my work out there, and it will give me something else to write in my Query letter if I do.

I guess, although I didn't do as much writing as I had hoped this weekend, I received plenty of motivation for the future.

That's my writing update. I actually had a lot to say, and am glad I've planned it out on here so I can't forget what I'm doing.

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