Wednesday 14 May 2014

Favourite Book

May 14

4 Things you love about your favourite book.

First with a link: I did a post about a week ago about my favourite books. Just as a starting off point.

Next I have to decide which book is my favourite because believe it or not, I REALLY don't know if I can pick an absolute favourite out of all of them. That's not fair. However, I'm going to pick one because I don't want to do it for all of them.

Oh! Actually, I'm changing my mind as I write this. I'm going to change the rules just a bit and write about the book I'm actually reading right now. It's going to be a favourite, I can pretty much guarantee that. I'll talk about the four things that are keeping me completely invested in it. So invested, that I've put the other books I'm reading down.

I've spoken about it before, and YES I'm still reading it. I don't read as much as I should. Usually just on lunches when I am not doing anything else.

Side note: I'm become obsessed with Veronica Mars on Netflix. I can't stop watching it. Thank goodness it's only three seasons. I've never watched it before.

So: four things I love about my current book.

  1. I love how much this book loves books. The main character (not the narrator) loves the written word, and she LOVES books. She's not the only one though. There are many characters in it who enjoy reading, and something about that is endearing to me.
  2. I love that Death is the narrator. I've never seen this done before, and he probably had a lot to do while Hitler tried to take over the world.
  3. I LOVE Max. The Jewish man who is fighting to live. He's trying so hard to save his own life, he's bitter, and upset that he has to ask and accept help, but he loves the main character, and she loves him back.
  4. Last, I enjoy the spoilers. That way I can get upset before bad things happen and not be shocked. Thanks to Death for that one. I don't know how things are going to happen, but I've been warned.
Now all I want to do is read it some more. I am going to have to take it home and read before I head to bed.

Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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