Thursday, 29 May 2014

Non blogging

May 29

I want to blog every weekday. So my post today is only because I feel like I don't want to let that down.

I've had a DAY at work. It's the 'poo on Erin day', and I'm writing this on my lunch hour before starting on my next work task.

Tonight, I'll go home to the best man there is (AND HOPEFULLY A GLASS OF WINE), and do more packing, and more cleaning so I will not have time to blog. I'm not really in the mood. I am having trouble being optimistic and my usual happy self. So I won't be.

HOWEVER, I did blog on my gratitude blog: a great 'throwback Thursday memory' about my 30th Birthday Party. I've linked it below.

Here is the only post I've spend time on

Oh, update while writing this:
So there's that. Supper THEN packing and cleaning. As long as find more boxes at the Liquor store.

I'm not going to share this entry. Just let it sit in my published blog section. Cause, it's not happy... it's just a tired entry. Also, that's a great experiment to see how many views I get without sharing it on every different social network I am on. Actually, it will be shared on Google Plus, cause that's automatically shared.

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow the black cloud will have lifted.

And as always:

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