Wednesday 21 May 2014

I'm a Unique Writer (aren't we all?)

May 21

What makes you unique as a writer?

I can say more in my writing than I'd ever say out loud. I can admit things in my blog or journal or in stories with more ease than if I were to say it out loud. It's not that I'm ever embarrassed to tell a story about my life, I will proudly, I just do it better in writing. I find it easier to write my thoughts first. That being said, I'll say what I'm thinking or admit to stupid things I've done without a second thought. I'm not likely to get into a debate (unless I'm really confident about what I'm speaking about), but I'll debate something on my blog. (When nobody can argue... that's how you debate. Right?) 

That being said, I do write the way I speak. Practically... with less 'umms' or 'ahhs'. And WAY less 'likes' (it annoys me when I say it out loud in my speech, and yet I, like, do.)

I think the thing that makes me unique as a writer is simple. I am unique. I'm my own person, with my own thoughts and my own opinions. Everybody has these same traits that also make them unique. It's whether or not they share it, and how they share it. All writers are unique. If they weren't, we'd be pretty bored by books and reading.

I think in novel writing (and short story writing), I try to pick a unique point of view. Something I feel confident writing even though I haven't experienced it. I write a lot based on emotions. I put myself in situations I haven't been in, and I write about what would happen simply based on that. As I learned in my last novel, this is all good until I need to actually research things. Emotions only go so far, but they definitely give me a good start.

As for my blog, that's all me. I write about my life, how I feel, my opinions, and I love it because I really am able to talk about how I'm feeling, what I'm going through, and get my thoughts out. I guess I don't really say a lot that people can argue with, simply because it's also based on my personal feelings and emotions more than opinions. Someday, I'm sure I'll have an opinionated blog post that will piss somebody off. It just may not have happened yet (or maybe it has). I'm unique in my own weirdness, and I love it. I've shared this picture before, I think, but It fits. (plus I couldn't find a unique writer post).

My first love has always been writing. I wrote stories and letters and journals from AT LEAST the age of 8. It has been the one unique constant in my life, and other than the unique writer aspect, I wouldn't really have a talent... so yay!

That's it. Here's to all the unique writers!

Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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