Saturday 10 May 2014

Guest Post for Mother's Day

Feature a guest post by a friend or family member.

Who better to do a Guest Post for me on this very special day, than the lady who birthed and raised me. She wrote it ahead of time for me.

My mom is my hero. I'll let you read her post, and than I'll do my own Mother's Day thoughts. AKA, raving about all the great moms in my life.

May 8, 2014
"Mother’s Day is almost here, so of course my mind turns to some awesome mothers I have been lucky enough to have in my life.

 I have to start with my Grandmothers.   Grandma B., born in 1899, was one of 8 children (6 girls), all of whom attended university at a time when even finishing high school was not the norm.  She was a tiny, loving, family oriented woman who raised 4 big active boys while helping  on the farm during the 30’s.  Grandma P. was another loving lady, who raised 3 children through some hard times.  She spent 2 months every summer with us at the farm.  We spent hours shelling peas, breaking beans, playing Canasta, etc.  Two caring, strong influences on my life.

Then comes my mom, who I lost almost a year ago.  She was brave enough to leave Edmonton and  join Dad in Saskatchewan, moving to the farm when their 3 children were very young.  She took an active part in the farm and community, growing a large garden, keeping the yard trimmed up and following kids and later grandkids to events all over the province.  While Dad was away at meetings of all sorts, Mom was home keeping everything running smoothly.  For many years she kept us all informed about the activities of family members far and wide.  In later life, suffering from Alzheimers, she still was able to adapt to whatever life sent her way.  Another loving, independent, encouraging influence.

My last great mom influence was my mother-in-law.  She was another strong, independent woman who opened her house and heart to family and friends.  She was supportive and loving from the first time I met her.

Reflecting on my own experience as a mom, I hope I have passed on some of the same strength, independence and love to my own wonderful daughters.  They are without a doubt my life’s greatest achievements." 
Nancy McCrea

I actually learned a few new things while reading this. I was always so proud of the fact that my Grandma Burton had a university degree in Chemistry, I didn't realise that my grandfather's Mom and sisters all attended university as well. That's great!

I have a bit to say (as always), and then I'll share some pictures (as always).

First of all, as we know, I am not a mother. I don't have kids. Sometimes, I'll admit, this makes me sad. I think I'd be good at being a mom. That doesn't mean I'm going to be one, and it doesn't mean I always want to be one. I love my life. No matter what happens, I love my life. I can't regret what I don't have. I make the choices in my life, and if in the end, (two years), I decide (along with C) to not have children, I'll be okay with that. I do think my parents would make WONDERFUL grandparents though, and I'm sad not to give them that chance. 

However, instead of being sad on a day to celebrate Mother's, I will be grateful for all the great Mom's in my life.

Starting with my mom. First of all, I am grateful EVERY DAMN DAY that she is my mom. Not just one day a year, EVERY DAY. I am so happy to have had the support, the encouragement and the love I did. Especially when I know not all kids get that. I still get it the support, encouragement and love.

My mom taught me to be the very best I can be. She taught me to be caring, and I think she kept me innocent as long as she could, and I'm grateful for that.

As I said, she's my hero. She reminds me to look at things differently, to consider other points of view. She teaches me new things, and reminds me to keep learning. She let me know when I was younger, and continues to let me know now if my behaviour isn't appropriate. (Shocking, I know). She tells me when I'm not being the best me.

She's strong, smart, independent, beautiful inside and out, and a role model. She also still looks about 45, so I feel like I'm going to be lucky as I grow older.

She taught me respect: how to be respectful to others, and that it is important to be respected as well. She respected me and expected the same in return.

My mom was strict, and I'm so glad she was. I wasn't so happy at the time, but I was raised right, and I didn't get away with a lot. That being said, I didn't really do a lot either as a teenager. As a shy teen, I didn't go to a lot of parties, so I didn't really test any boundaries. Although, I'm sure I tested them in other areas.

She helped me to be light hearted about life and taught me to laugh. I grew up knowing how to laugh at things, and even though I'm still learning, how to laugh at myself.

IF I do ever have children, I want to be a mom just like her.

Where ever I am in life, no matter what age I was, am or will be, I know my mom is there for me.

Just one more thing, she's also always encouraged my writing, and she was one of the first people to read my finished novel. I cried when she called me at work to tell me she had finished it and how proud she was of me. In fact, I'm crying a little bit now, just writing it. I'm in a sappy, love my mom, mood. It's that time of year, but I basically feel like that all the time.

Now some pictures.

This is my mom and dad on their wedding day. Before she was a mom.

This picture is one of my favourites. 

Mom and her friend headed up for an Air Balloon ride.

At an Alzheimer's walk.

Having Fun.

My Grandma Burton was a great mom and grandmother. I'm thinking my mom learned a lot from her about being a mom. Grandma was fair, she was loving, she was strict, and she LOVED her family. She was most proud when she was talking about us (her kids and grandkids AND great grandkids).

I always felt really close to my Grandma McCrea. She laughed a lot, and she hugged a lot, and she was a nice and caring woman. She was strong, and independent. It was hard for all of us when she passed away. Nobody was ready for life without her.

There are so many other parents I can rave about. I'm going to cut it short though, as the real post here, is my mom's.

Long story short, I have a lot of great role models in my life.


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