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March 9th: Letter to 40 year old me

March 9: Letter to your 40 year old self.

I feel like I should be better at this one than I was the letter to my 20 year old self. I've actually been doing this since I was about 10. From 10-19, I wrote letters to 20 year old me. I continued writing them from 20-29 (although a lot less), opening that group of letters on my 30th birthday. Unfortunately, 40 year old me has none to open so far. I'm not sure what happened. Life got in the way. I went through a bad time, and didn't want to update myself on it. Most of the letters were about what had been happening in my life, and not really about what I wished for the future.

I guess this is as good a time as any to start letters for my 40 year old self. I'll have to write a few more for myself in the next few years. (Not necessarily blogged though).

Dear 40 year old Erin,

I really hope you're having a great morning so far (I'm imagining you curled up with a cup of coffee -possibly with Baileys - getting ready to read some inspiring letters from a younger you), and so far enjoying your first day of 40. I'm also betting you're going to make sure to celebrate this milestone with as many loved ones as possible. I also hope you're happy with being 40. I'm working hard on getting lots done in your 30s so you can go into 40 feeling nothing but pride about who you are and what you've accomplished. Right now, 40 is scary because I feel like there is still so much to do.

I also hope to have written more letters than this one (which is very public but I will print it out and put it in a proper envelope.) I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write. The start of my 30s were tough. I hope the last half of your 30s is filled with more happiness and less sadness. We are only 33, and we've already hit our quota of loved one's deaths for this decade. 

If I'm wrong about the sadness, there is one thing I can say with certainty: You will get through it. I (we) have slowly learned how to be happy, and appreciate everything. I have nothing but high hopes for things to come though. 

A little about what you're up to at age 33? Well, you're actually turning 34 this year, but not for a while. Yikes. You are a Creative Writer in Saskatoon. You've been at your job for almost 3 years now. I don't want to jinx it by saying that's the longest time you've been at a job, but good one! You are back in a career you love. Also, other than University, this is the longest you've lived in one place as well. Growing up? (nah).

If my blog is still up and running, you can read back to the month of February to see about the man in your life. He's your support, your comfort, the guy that makes you laugh at yourself, and the guy who convinced you to finish your novel. I REALLY hope he's still around. I'm also not looking back at any of my other letters to see if I've said that before. I'm actually pretty positive he will still be around. You found him. You guys are good for each other. Your love is the same. I just can't guarantee we will still be in Saskatoon. Maybe he finally won the lottery and you're off having adventures together. 

Or maybe you're not. I've never been good at or wanted to predict the future. 

You also finished your first book in December of 2013. We are in the editing stages right now. In fact, you are procrastinating from the editing stages as I type this. It isn't sent off to a publisher yet, but it will be. I know you'll do it.

I will write more letters because it is exciting to read back on the past. I like to see how I've changed, and what I've learned and see if my life has turned out the way I wanted, or turned out to be so much more exciting.

Just one thing: you talk a lot of talk about being okay with not getting married and not having children. You might not be telling the truth, but if it doesn't happen, be okay with that. You're living a fantastic life. You get to sleep in, write all day, and enjoy your cup of coffee with Baileys in it. Children and marriage would have been a different story (maybe it will be your story), but if it isn't, make sure there is no bitterness. Life is too short for that. Same goes with getting your book published. You wrote a book. You wrote a good book. That's a pretty great accomplishment even if it isn't on bookshelves. Just don't quit writing. If you have taken a break, stop now. Pick up your pen... haha. I mean pick up your laptop and start typing.

Okay, Miss Not in Your 30s Anymore. Have a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day. (And in that case, enjoy your entire birthday month.)

33 Year old ME

Edit: This kind of goes with this post from a week ago.

And the picture below is of letters to 20 year old me, and letters to 30 year old me. Not all of them. There were MANY.


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  1. So proud of you and your writing. I have no doubt your novel will be published with more to follow. I hope life through the rest of your thirties is happy but not too calm. Be happy with whatever comes your way.