Saturday 8 March 2014

March 7th and 8th Talents and Islands

March 7: Do you have any weird talents?

I don't? I've put two prompts into one because I have no answer for this one. I don't actually know what a 'weird' talent is. I don't have a lot of special talents. I mean - writing is a talent, but not a weird talent. A lot of people have that talent. I actually think everybody has the talent to write in some form or another. They just might not know it or use it.

I can't dance, sing, or draw. I think that's okay. It doesn't stop me from doing them. I don't actually think having a talent is what makes you special. It just is an added bonus sometimes. 

March 8: If you were stranded on an island with 3 people for the rest of your life, who would you want them to be?

This is hard to answer. Here's why: I can't choose 3 people to live on a stranded island with me. I have too many favourites. 

The most obvious person that I'd bring with me is C. He and I would be good on an island together. Plus, he'd do all the stuff I wouldn't want to. He'd get the food, and start the fire. He'd also teach me how to do it myself. He'd also keep me warm at night.

As for the two other people? I'm not really sure. I think I'd pick strangers. Not crazy strangers, but fun strangers. I would pick my two best friends, Denise and Karen, but even in my imaginary world, I know K would miss her kids and husband too much, and D would miss her husband.

I MAY be putting too much thought into this. I guess it's all about telling a story. How would we get stuck on an island to begin with? I'm imagining more of a beautiful and tropical island. Peace and happiness instead of scary animals and darkness. And of course, a plug in for my laptop, and a way for me to submit my finished novel. It's a very realistic fantasy. 

This is the closest I've been. Except it was not deserted and we were at a resort full of delicious drinks.

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