Saturday 1 March 2014

Feb 25 & 26 'You Make me Crazy Because' & 'My Favourite thing About'

25.   You make me crazy because

Haha. To be honest, I don't even know where to go with this writing prompt. It's either a 'make me crazy' because I'm annoyed at things, or 'make me crazy' in a different way. That's not what kind of blog I've got going on.

So, he doesn't drive me crazy in any annoying way. I mean, I get annoyed by things, and he gets annoyed by me. In normal ways all couples do.

 In fact, last night I drove him crazy. I slept really well (which isn't actually normal), and this morning when I woke up his first words were, "Good Morning, Chatty". I thought it was because I had talked lots before we went to sleep. It turned out, I kept on talking all through the night. I'd say things out loud, and just as he was about to answer, I'd answer myself. So basically, I'm guessing I made him crazy in my sleep. I did dream a lot last night, so that's a lot of conversations he could have heard. Probably some interesting ones. 

So we both do things that drive the other crazy, and it's okay. I'm not using this blog to make complaints about my relationships. As you can see, I'd rather tell stories about my bad habits/embarrassing moments. He's not perfect. Neither am I.

As for other meanings of 'You make me Crazy'. He makes me crazy happy.  

26 'My Favourite thing About

I'm doing two writing prompts in one right now because February is over, and I kind of slowed down at the end of the month.

My favourite thing about C? His humour, his love, his cuteness, and how smart he is. That's things, I know. I don't have one favourite thing about him.

Something else? I love when he nags me about writing. He knows how important it is, and he reminds me that I should be writing. He encourages me, and questions me, and he offers to read what I write. That being said, I have no idea if he reads my blog. He knows I have it, but he hasn't mentioned reading it. I also warned him it's 'love month' writing prompts, so he knows some posts might include him. I also haven't invited him to read it, but obviously in a public forum, I know he can. 

Either way he is my biggest supporter when it comes to my writing, and it helps motivate me. Especially in my novel writing. Blogging is the east part.

So supportive he helped me with a writing tool for Christmas.

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