Tuesday 25 March 2014

March 25th Karma?

March 25: Do you believe that everyone gets what’s coming to them?

I've been staring at this question all morning. I'm in the midst of writing commercial scripts, and had hoped to update this between scripts, but all I do is stare at the question, I think about all the different things I could say, and then I go back to script writing. Since that's my job, it's really not a bad thing to do.

I've never been all that philosophical (In my opinion). In fact, in university, I went to one Philosophy 100 class, and quit directly after. It was possibly the wrong professor, but I couldn't do it. I just feel like I worry about too much as it is without the added question of 'why I'm here', 'what is reality' or 'is there a reason to life'. Add 'Do you Believe that everyone gets what's coming to them' and you have more questions I am not even going to pretend to know the answer to. Also add in 'everything happens for a reason' and I WILL run screaming and ranting away from the conversation. Worst. Saying. Ever. (In my humble opinion).

So - I don't know. I actually doubt it. I think some people get away with a lot. They do bad things, and keep on going with their lives. If they don't get caught, and don't feel guilty, then life just continues for them. I'm really just thinking about crimes and truly bad things right now. If you get caught, you get in trouble. Lies and secrets usually have a way of getting out. (Unless you're Dexter.) Then again, I've never had to keep a secret or lie about a crime I've committed, so I have NO idea how easy it is. All I can base my theory on is television... where life would be PRETTY boring if people didn't eventually discover the truth.

As for non crime related Karma, I don't think people always get what is coming to them. I mean if somebody treats others bad, breaks hearts, cheats, or does any other horrible thing, they can just continue on. (Depending on the person.) 

Depending on the person. That's basically it. We decide. If somebody feels guilty about their life choices, they'll decide what happens next. If they admit to wrong doings, things may not go so well, or maybe life will change for the better.

I don't know.

This seems to be the perfect time to bring my unpublished book into the post: I have a character in my book. He's not always a good guy. He's sometimes mean, he's snide, he hurts people and for the most part, he blames others for the things he does.

This is off topic, but I don't like people like this, I should hate him. I don't hate him though. I feel sad for him. I hope he'll change. (So does my main character).

Will Karma come his way? Only if he lets it. Will he get what's coming to him? It depends what we think he deserves. I guess as the writer, I can make Karma get him. That will be a whole new book though. 

As I pointed out at the start, I'm crap at philosophy. I don't always think Karma is there when it should be. People need to learn lessons, but it doesn't always happen.

Maybe I should have continued the course so I could have all the answers (or so I could question ABSOLUTELY everything). I just couldn't do it. Good question though. It got me talking about my book, and considering it the way my characters would.   

Okay. That's it for that one. No real answer, but a whole lot of words.

I stink at philosophy... The big questions? I don't need the answers. I just want to live and learn.


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  1. What about positive Karma? I do think that people who do good for others often get rewarded in one way or another. NM

    1. True. There again, good things happen to good people because they're good people. They help make it happen. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people as well.