Wednesday 19 March 2014

March 19: Love and books

March 19: Tell us something that you love about your significant other, pet or someone else.
Well, this is basically what I wrote all through February, so it's nothing new. Something I love about C? He reads big nerdy books. He'll read anything though. Including things I write. There are a lot of things I love about him, but that's a big one. In many of my past relationships, the men I was with didn't read at all. It's strange that it took me so long to find somebody who ends up just as engrossed in a book as I do. We've already moved in together, but when we have our own place, I can't wait for all our books to take over the bookshelves. Right now, his are in storage. 

My mom, my dad and my sister are all bookworms, and one of us always has a book out. It's just nice to share the love of books with others. It also helps with encouragement for my own novel. He knows how important books are, and he knows how important it is for me to finish it. (Finish editing).

Anyway, he just called me a dorkface, so I guess I have to go see why, and call him an equally mature name. I'll leave you with a picture of my Christmas Book Tree. He didn't help build it, but it's just an example of how great our bookshelves will look.

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