Saturday 23 December 2017

Five Days!!!! Oops. Two Days

December 23, 2017

I planned to write this when there were five days until Christmas, but I either chose sleep, Netflix, Christmas present making/wrapping, or my baby woke up.

I planned to write a post the next day (Dec 21st) about something completely different (not photos), but I didn't get that done either. I save my blogging until EVERYTHING else is done, and lately, nothing gets done until 11. That one will wait until the New Year.

We are now at two days until Christmas. It will be Christmas Eve tomorrow. We've travelled to the town I grew up in, and are at my parents house.

Tonight I finished the last of my presents for family. I'll be sharing them in the future as well.

I'm going to jump straight into my December Photos. 

Day 16
Lights. And reflections of lights. I don't do a lot of decorating outside, but I love the houses that do. We put these on our window this year. I love them. (They look better from the outside.)

Day 17
I finally got some. Including two from the school near my house. They have the kids write them. It's sweet.

Day 18
I got this for my mentee for a Christmas gift. It's not a big present, but I made sure we got a matching one for our tree. Hopefully she has a wonderful holiday, as I'm sure my family will as well.

Day 19
With a one year old, just learning about Christmas, we can start brand new traditions. I can't wait until he figures out Christmas, and gets excited about it all. Decorating the tree with his momma is a must have tradition. He'll also be leaving some cookies out for Santa with a lovely letter. (I'll help him this year.)

Day 20
The Tree (Which is funny because the two photos before this were also the tree.)
I think the hardest part about Christmas away from our home is not being able to celebrate at our own tree. I want to get a real tree next year when Anthony can remember it more. Every kid should have a real tree at least once. Our tree isn't perfect, but most of the decorations have a story.

Day 21
Where I Stand
On December 21st, I left the house to go visit a friend, and the moon was just a sliver. I tried to take a photo, but as you can see it didn't quite work out. All I wanted to do was stand and look at it. It was a beautiful sight. Standing still, and feeling the gratitude is a great thing. 

Day 22
None of them match, and we don't have them hung up on the chimney with care. (I just dug them out of the box I packed them in to bring with us.) We also have Santa Sacks. Mine is the one with the tree. It came from my grandma. I'll never stop using it. I hope Anthony's stocking stays with him as well. I searched for the perfect one last year (and my Mom sewed his name on it.)

Day 23
Christmas Footsie PJ Pants. Enough said. Jealous?

I'm all caught up again. I'll probably do another post either on Christmas Day, or on Boxing day. It depends how tired I am on either of those days.

Happy Holidays, everybody! 

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