Monday 1 December 2014


It's a new month!

As with my blog tradition, I will do my 'month start' post as per usual. 

So here we go: 

To be honest, I haven't really felt like blogging or writing in the last week of November, so I'm glad the December post is always set up for me.

The month has gone by a little too quickly for my liking. I spent the majority of it trying to write 50,000 words. In other words, I was living a very hermit lifestyle for most of it. I succeeded in 18 or 19 days (I can't remember which), and although I was proud of myself, I was feeling pretty exhausted. 

I also have somehow managed to finish all my Christmas shopping. It's left me very broke. 

Going into the December month, I wanted to feel more festive. We are getting a Christmas tree Saturday though, so I guess I'll feel much happier after we have it up.

I'm also scheduled for surgery to 'fix' my eyes on Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have 50-50 vision by next week. I've been wearing glasses for 25 years (since I was 9), so it will be unbelievably wonderful. 


As I said, I wrote 50k. I'm not done though. I am hoping to get back into the writing mood so I can finish it before January. Although I'm liking it so far, I really feel like it's lacking in plot. Things are getting revolved a bit too easily. I'm not sure how to fix that.

Still no news from publishers. No Nays and No Yays.
Love: In love in love in love and in love. It's my favourite constant in my life.
His birthday is tomorrow, so I get to celebrate 34 years of Clint!

This Time Last Year: 

Things were good. I was trying to finish my novel. (And I did on December 16th, 2013). I was present shopping, I was enjoying life.

And it was cold out.

Life and stuff. It's good.

HAPPY December! 

And as always:

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