Friday 12 September 2014

A post from a 34 year old. (Me).

Friday, Sept 12, 2014

I didn't post yesterday. I was too busy enjoying my birthday. My Day Here As much as I'm not ready for this year of figuring out what I want with my life, I also like celebrating my birthday. It's necessary to grow older.

I wrote this 'optimistic' post the day before my birthday.

Once again, my goals were to be more brave, eat healthy and exercise, write, continue being grateful for every moment, continue laughing with Clint (and everybody), spend time with friends and family, and be happy with the life I've chosen.

I do think I need to make a lot of changes in my life, and that's not to say that things aren't good. I just think they can be better. I think I can be better, and I can do better. I'm not really talking about healthy eating and exercise here. That's a tiny part. I just want to live life as much as I can. It will include everything I'm doing now (blogging, for example), but more. I want to get out more. I want to volunteer. I want to love my life. I want to do more things that I can be proud of. 

I want to love with all my heart, to read everything, to write all the time, to try new things. 

So I will.

Short and sweet post today. It's time for changes... and not just hairstyle changes. (That's usually what I end up doing).

C is in this picture. And while going for him, was one of the best things, really, we both went for each other. That's not really the point of the saying or picture. It just seemed like an appropriate image. Plus, we're going for what we want together.  

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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