Wednesday 18 June 2014

Things to do before My next Birthday

25 things to do before your next birthday.

This one is tough because my birthday is only three months away. Obviously it can't be crazy things like 'write a book' (another one) or 'travel to a different country'. (Not, that it's crazy, but I don't have the money or the holiday days). I'll make a list. Some of it will be obvious. Maybe most of it.

  1. Laugh a lot
  2. Camp with C this summer. (2013 Camping at Candle.)
  3. Go to Newfoundland with my family (IN TWO DAYS)
  4. See whales and icebergs while in Newfoundland.
  5. Celebrate my parent's 40th Anniversary. (GO TEAM McCREA
  6. Take photos everyday.
  7. Write in some way everyday. 
  8. Blog
  9. Figure out if my book will be published, and what happens next. Unpublished novel.
  10. Get to my goal weight (and buy a scale)
  11. Stop my negative thinking (towards myself and other people).
  12. Read more
  13. Finish the Game of Thrones series (I kind of took a break on the third book). 
  14. Go to the Fringe, Taste of Saskatchewan, and any other great festival around. Getting my fortune told at the fringe.
  15. Plan our next Ontario trip (in October, the month after my birthday). Picture was our last Ontario trip, in October 2013.
  16. Go to both Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan plays
  17. Eat from Food trucks
  18. Catch a fish. (In Saskatchewan, not Mexico like the picture.) 
  19. Spend time in the sun
  20. Snuggle with C 
  21. Spend time with my family. 
  22. Spend time with my friends.
  23. Write letters to friends who live far away. And two my future self. 
  24. Organize my spare room. (throw things out). It's a bit better than this. We have the books out finally!
  25. Keep attempting to get up and exercise every morning. (Even when C isn't nagging me to get out of bed when he's at work).

That was pretty easy actually. Goals make me feel like I've got control of my life!

Until next time.

And as always:
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  1. I like this post. I'm going to use this idea for a post. Thanks! !!

    1. No problem. Make sure to share the post! :)