Saturday 1 November 2014


It's a new month!

As with my blog tradition, I will do my 'month start' post as per usual. I only posted about 8 times in October. I was away for half of it, so I guess that's an excuse. I hope to improve this month, but am quite busy with other writing, so we'll see.

As it is, this will be a VERY quick post because I have four more pages of novel writing to do, and then I get ice cream.

So here we go, Happy November! 

Life: Life is good. I'm challenging myself this month with NaNoWriMo. I'm sick of waiting to see what happens with my first novel. Time to start writing more. Today was the first day, and if I continue like I have, I'll have a first draft by December (if not earlier.) 

Other than writing and work, I haven't seen my friends very much since I've been home. This is my fault. I miss them though. A lot. I was actually worried about this writing competition because it is going to take A LOT of my time. I can't apologise for that, but I can feel bad, and miss my friends.

Novel: I'm waiting for a publishing company to get back to me with a yes or a no. I want a yes, but would take a no if it means I hear from them.

And I'm working on Jenna's story. I didn't realise it needed to be told, but I see now it does. I also am already surprised by this character's stubbornness and strength. I didn't see that in her until today.

Love: In love in love in love and in love. It's my favourite constant in my life. Things are good. As always, he's my number one supporter. I told him last night how nervous I was about doing NaNoWriMo. He said he knew I could do it. No problem.

Every day I'm more and more grateful to share my life with him. 

This Time Last Year: 

Exactly on this day last year, we were flying to Ontario. I met Clint's friends and family for the first time. I loved it all. I took a break from novel writing, and spent a week discovering Clint's Ontario.

That's it. Back to writing for me.

HAPPY November! 

And as always:

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