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April 27

I'm taking a break from stressing out today. Rest and relaxation and feeling grateful that I had a chance to write a book at all.

So it's back to the prompts. I like this one.

Who is your favourite villain?

I'm going to go ahead and split this up into three categories: books, television and movies. I don't think it can be all one thing. I'm skipping real life because villains aren't cool in real life. Ever.

The way I pick my favourite villain is basically whether or not they make me laugh.

  • Books:
    • Sadly, I'm having the most trouble with this category out of all three. Possibly because all of my books are packed up and I'm having a brain freeze. 
    • I keep thinking about Iris Johansen books. She has some great villains. People you want to hate, but still want them to be good. Or, as I said because they still have humour. This is not true for all of her evil characters. Some are evil. I don't have any specific names, but her name was the first that came to my mind. The Eve Duncan novels are a good example. There are many reoccurring characters that are a fine line between good and bad.
    • Game of Thrones is another good example. There are truly crap characters that I still enjoy. I can fully admit, I like the queen (Cersei). I don't like her son (Joffrey), and I never will. I like her brother as well (Jaime). I find him funny even though I know he's a really bad dude. I don't like his taste in woman... I think Tyrion is a great character. He's not a true villain in my eyes, but gets close at times. I realise I reference Game of Thrones more than I need to, but it definitely has some interesting characters.
  • Television shows
    • This one is easy. Possibly because television shows last quite a while which gives me a lot of time to love to hate them.
    • Dan Scott from One Tree Hill. Judge me all you want, but even though Dan Scott was a terrible person and evil at times, he also made me laugh. When he was a true villain, he did it well. 

    • Dexter. I know he's not really a villain, but he kills people. He chops them up, and he throws them off his boat. Yes, he only kills bad guys, but he still is a murderer. A heroic villain maybe. 
    • Every villain ever on soaps I watch or keep track of. I know more than I care to admit about soap operas. Although I no longer watch, I still keep track of what my favourite characters are doing. The best thing about soap villains is they're all pretty much able to do bad things. They usually get away with them. If you don't like soaps or violence, don't worry about watching the below video.

  • Movies
    • I'm having trouble with this one as well. Turns out I remember villains from television shows mostly.

Despicable Me

I LOVED Megamind

    • There are so many, but again, my mind is blank. Maybe I'll add things as I remember.
Clearly, this post was not as much fun as I had hoped. It does once again get me thinking about my novel. I don't have a villain, but I have a bad character. I hope I wrote the character in a way that does still have some redeemable qualities. It depends who you ask though.
Until tomorrow. (Actually, until today because I wrote this last night but didn't post it.)

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