Sunday 2 February 2014

Writing Challenge Day 29-31
Day 29
'For today’s task, define the unique selling point of your book. If you want to impress publishing folk, let them know that you know what your USP (unique selling point) is.How do you define your unique selling point?'
I'll get to this, but not on my blog. As always, I'm a big secret keeper. I'm just not ready to tell novel's plot yet. I want it to be more perfect. I'll get there. The things I would share aren't the unique aspects, but believe me, the story itself is pretty unique as far as I can tell.
Day 30
'For today’s task, assemble your book proposal. This will require getting everything together from earlier. Here’s the order of most proposals: Cover (or query) letter. This better include the proposed title, unique selling point(s), and very brief bio. Book overview. This breaks down the important parts of the book. Book outline. Outlines are often done in paragraph form and provide all the major elements of the book. Author bio. Unlike the bio in a query/cover letter, provide everything that might help your publisher help you sell books. Sample chapters. Some publishers may request 2-3 chapters, others may want 40-50 pages. Make these sample pages exceptional. Marketing info. This is where you define your target audience and ways to reach them. Competitive title analysis. This is where you identify successful books that are comparable and competitive with yours.'

This will be the most useful part of my writing challenge. I will be using it in the future. (soon). I've already looked at a few expectations from publishing companies, so they aren't all exactly like the above. It's a fantastic start though.

Day 31

'For today’s task, sit down and make a list of next steps. How are you going to make next month as successful as this month? How are you going to make it even more successful?'

  • Keep Blogging
  • Finish Editing (have to go through the above. Big pile is what's left of the FIRST edit. Many more to come.
  • Get my book proposal ready to go.
  • Decide on a title
  • Start my next novel. (my second novel).
  • Do my romantic February writing prompts.
And that's it for January. Next is February's writing prompts.

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