Wednesday 5 February 2014

February 5th - Head over Heels

5.       Head over heels for:

This isn't really much of a prompt. Plus, since love and mush month has started, I think we all know who I'm head over heels for. 

Constantly and always, I am head over heels for C since we met. 

Also... Channing Tatum would probably make me trip over my own feet. Just to change things up a little. 

I I would end this post with a picture of Channing Tatum, but that would be using a picture that isn't my own. So I'll just skip the picture this post. We know what C looks like, and I don't want to share too many personal pictures of real people on such an open blog.

   I'm officially caught up. So tomorrow, I'll write, and actually be on the correct day. Now to go read the book C brought home for me yesterday.

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