Wednesday 5 February 2014

February 4th Romance and stuff

4.       Romance is...

It's whatever you make of it. If you spend your whole time wanting specific things and building up your romantic dreams in your head, you'll be disappointed. Or - maybe you won't. Maybe you found the perfect guy that has flowers for you every night, and takes you to romantic meals. I don't want that. I like getting flowers (although, I'll admit, I don't get them), but that's not the most important thing to me. Real affection, encouragement and love. That's all the romance I need. A kiss before I go to work, and hug when I get home, holding hands when we go for walks, and somebody to listen to me. All I need. And I have my love. I can buy my own flowers. (Not that I'd say no if I was offered some). Romance is flowers, makeup and impressing each other... love is farting in front of each other (or is that friendship?).

Romance is coming to home to flowers, love is a book he bought for me, knowing it will help me with my dreams.

PS, I love my life.

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