Thursday 13 February 2014

February 12th 'True Love'

12.   True Love is:

This one should be fun. I've been in love three different times in my life. To three different men. I'm pretty sure while I was in love with each of these men, I thought they were my true love. You know what? They were. The first two weren't the one I was meant to be with (if there is one), but that doesn't change the fact that I loved them and I imagined a future with them.

I guess if I would have stayed with them instead of break ups, they would still be my true loves. I like the path I chose. I like my current true love. I'm lucky to have him. Others are lucky that they didn't have to go through more than one. I'm not sure if soul mate and true love is the same thing, but I used to be so jealous of people who knew for certain they were with their 'soul mates'. Dawson and Joey style (although they didn't end up together, thank goodness). 

I guess you don't fall madly in love with somebody without the hope or the thought that he (or she) is your True Love. Here's what I think: you should be with the person who makes you happy. That's probably your true love. (Right now). I don't know that it's ever an easy thing though. If you're lucky, it all goes smoothly, but couples have to fight for a future together. The road is not always easy. I'm guessing if you choose to quit, the true love bit has ended. Like my first two loves. I didn't choose the marriage or the happy ever after with them, and I'm pretty effing relieved I didn't. I like my choices, and I like that I am getting yet another chance with a new True Love.

Happy almost v-day.

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