Tuesday 25 February 2014

Character Descriptions -Part Two

Today I'll continue with my Character Introduction. I'll probably be able to finish it in this one. These are all the characters that make up my book. Plot line to come, but maybe not until I send it away to a publisher. These characters would hang out through any plot line. I was actually pretty sad to see my book end, but maybe they'll show up again in future novels.

The first characters I introduced are the main characters. Three siblings and a best friend. Lucy is the narrator, but the others are pretty important as well. I'm going to talk about other important characters, but not necessarily explain how they know one another. Some of that has to be saved for the novel reading. :)

Tom Avery: He is the father of Lucy, Charlie, and Kristy. He's married to the love of his life. He's a teacher. He's tall with grey/brown hair. Dresses casually. He is the one family goes to for advice and for hugs. He's level headed, and will do anything for his family and for his wife. Although they've been married for many years, he and his wife are still romantic and loving.

Janine Avery: She is the mother of Lucy, Charlie and Kristy. Also -married to the love of her life. She's shorter (like Lucy), with shorter blond hair. She works in town as a receptionist part time, but focuses her time on her family. She is a strong woman, but occasionally fights depression. She hides it well, most of the time. All of her kids love her, and will do anything for her. They also all talk to her freely about their lives.

Grandma: Elizabeth Channing: She has a first name, but I have to look it up (mostly, people just refer to her as Grandma). She basically looks like your typical Grandma (gray hair, wrinkles, short). She's in her late 80s, but still living on her own driving on her own, and in complete control of her life. She's bossy, and sometimes blunt, which also seems mean sometimes. Kristy is her favourite and everybody knows it. She gives her children and hard children a hard time sometimes, but it's because she expects them to be great. She lost her husband a few years ago, and is the last grandparent remaining. She likes to keep busy.

James Shannon: He's almost the perfect man. He's a love interest. He lives in Saskatoon. He's a family guy (his family), and he follows his heart. He says what he is thinking and stands up for what he believes in. He's got green eyes, dark brown hair, beautiful smile, and he's tall. He's basically my dream man. Even with things that seem to be in the way of his romantic life, he's willing to fight for what he wants. This book isn't a romance, I promise, but there is a bit of romance in it.

Jenna Millar: Although she doesn't have a lot of scenes in the novel, she's a big part of it. She's tall with dark brown hair. Gorgeous. She works at a bank in town, and lives in the same town she grew up in. She is Charlie's age and hangs out in the same circle as he does. She enjoys going out and socialising. She was quite social, but we don't see that.

And now, I'm going to talk about the characters that aren't main characters, but they're mentioned enough that I need to describe them as well.

Evan: He doesn't even have a last name. If this novel becomes a movie, I'm guessing his part would be cut. He started out as a dating interest for Lucy.  Evan is a teacher that works with Shauntell. He's good looking, and just moved to the city. He's a nice guy, but unfortunately, we don't learn a lot about him.

Dan: Shauntell's boyfriend. He's a goofy guy who loves Shauntell and he loves Shauntell's friends. He is tall with brown hair. Good looking. In his 30s.

Ryan: This is Kristy's boyfriend. They started dating when they were young, and are basically still young, so they hope to stay together, but are realistic about life together. He's going off to school in the Fall, while she goes to Australia. He will stand by his girlfriend through anything. Although not in the story a lot, he's there for her and her family quite a bit before the novel starts. He hangs out at the house a lot. He's also a popular kid. Plays sports and works hard.

Julie: She was once good friend's with Lucy. They grew up together. Lucy moved away and Julie stayed, got married and had kids. They are in two different places, but still find time to talk to one another when Lucy is in town. They were close at one point in their lives, and although they try to stay close, they don't always do a great job. She's shorter as well, a bit bigger, medium hair length. She's opinionated.

Angela: We don't actually meet Angela. She's friends with Jenna, and is a Facebook busy body. She gossips, but in the worst possible way (over social media).

I think that's it. This post and the first describes the characters I've been pretty close to for the past year and a half. Basically, my friends (and enemy's) are all imaginary. Love it! I also hope this helps me describe them a little better when I make edits.

I'll be adding more information about the town in my next post.

AND will get back to the prompts after that.

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