Thursday 13 February 2014

February 13: How We Met

13.   How we met

Actually, we met online. I know in some cases there is still a stigma about Online dating, and to be perfectly honest, I completely get it. I've seen and heard horror stories of online dating. I was lucky. C wasn't the first person I dated that I met online, but he was the one I chose. Actually, we chose each other.

I contacted him first. I can't remember at all what my first message said, but I made the point of saying I wasn't looking for a serious/drama filled relationship.
His response was funny. It said he wasn't looking for a relationship either. Which wasn't what I said, but I really was okay with just dating and having fun. I had a failed attempt at dating somebody else before that, and figured it was because I wasn't really ready for a full blown relationship.

Although, I should mention that he wasn't actually interested in meeting me. Something about my profile made him believe he wasn't going to date me. Proved wrong again, I guess because as soon as he met me, he was interested. I guess that's why online dating can only go so far until you meet.

We met for the first time because we were both bored. He went for a blade by the river, and I took my roomie's dog for a walk, both of us thinking we may or may not bump into each other.

This is the exact spot we saw met.

We did. We sat in the grass, and talked about our lives. (The short versions). We talked about music and concerts and where we lived before. He jumped up from the grass because he was worried a spider had crawled up his shorts. I laughed.

We met by this river. (Not this spot though).

Then we both went our separate ways. I had no idea if I'd see him again, but by the time I arrived back to my house, he had texted me asking me on an actual date. We didn't label our relationship for quite a long time, but we knew what it was. Neither of us got what we said we were looking for. We got better.
We were once making fun of one another for being nerds. (We are.) I laughed and told him it's strange because I didn't see the nerd in him at all when we went on our first date. He said we were too busy being cool for each other. Which is not to say we weren't being ourselves, just more public aspects of ourselves.  I think I may have already told this 'nerd' story, but I'm telling it again because I think it's funny.

And that's how we met.

On a side note, as much as I was dreading doing these 'love' writing prompts this month, I think they'll be useful in my actual novel writing for the love interests. I still have a lot to learn about writing love and romance.

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