Sunday 16 February 2014

February 15th I Dream Of

15.   I dream of

This is a big one. I dream of quite a lot. I switch between dreaming and reality. I'm not sure if the idea of this writing prompt was about my dreams between C and I. I have those dreams as well, but they aren't the only one. I learned a long time ago that dreaming about love and romance isn't suited for me. I'd rather dream about all things that could make my life better. So here are a few things.

I dream of getting my novel published. It's a scary dream because I want it to happen so badly. My dream used to finish my novel. I did it, but then was stuck with the realization that I want more than just finishing it. I want it to be a book. I want people to read it. I dream of being a published offer, and I dream of writing more books.

I dream of travelling. I wish I could afford to travel more. I have so many places that I want to see. Everywhere. I just wish I had the money.

I dream of my future with C. I think it'll be good. That's something I can actually work on though. If we work out, it'll be up to us, and not dreams. We can do it.

That's it. Those are my dreams. Here's a couple pictures of things I have accomplished.

Finished my novel. 2013

Travel with C. Mexico 2013
Graduating University. 2004

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