Tuesday 11 February 2014

February 8th-Heart Breaks

8.       This broke my heart

Ugh. Behind again. I think when a post doesn't get done, for the most part, like this one, it's because I'm not quite prepared to write it.

First of all, if anybody is expecting a story about a boy breaking my heart, you are not going to get it. I've been sad about break ups, I've been upset, I've cried, I've been bitter. I have NOT had a broken heart, in any form, over a break up. My life has changed, but it's always about moving on for me. It's scary. The change is scary, but if something caused the break up (which is always the case), then there was a legitimate reason for it. Why let my heart break over something so simple? Move on. It takes a while, but it feels damn good.

That being said, I really hope C and I don't break up because it'll most likely make me eat my words.

Death of family and friends is something that is heart breaking. Maybe it's because I've experienced loss one too many times in the past five years, but it seems to me, I've lost some of my empathy for 'heart broken' people in break ups because it's not loss to me. Just typing that makes me feel pretty selfish. People deal with things differently, and I know that there are a lot of people who have gone through worse than me. Sometimes, I still feel sorry for myself, so why shouldn't anybody else going through something sad, be it a break up or worse? Who am I to judge? Heart ache is heart ache. It's just important in any situation to learn how to deal with it. If not, it does make people bitter, scared, sad and unable to move on.

This sounds preachy, and I am by NO means an expert on any sort of heart break except my own. I know what I've had to do to make my heart lighter and move on. Gratitude has helped me the most.  Which is why I have the second blog going: http://lifeisgoodandhereisproof.blogspot.ca/ 

So... no broken hearts for me. Just sad times, and wounds. You heal, you get better. That's life. It's tough, but you have to find the good things with the bad, or the heart just may stay wounded.

I do think if there is something you aren't getting over (it sometimes takes a while), getting help is never bad. Counsellor, friend, just somebody to help get over the sadness. That part I do feel like I have experience enough to share.

Happy love month! :)


  1. Broken hearts, no matter how you get them, hurt. I've found giving back... volunteering, etc., helps.

    1. It does always hurt. I just hope people know what they need to do to get over it. Everybody is different, but you're right giving back is a great way to heal. Thanks for the comment.