Friday 28 February 2014

Novel Setting

Okay. This is the last of the novel descriptions for the week. Then I'm back to my 'Romantic February Writing Prompts'. And tomorrow March starts, so I better hurry up on the blog catching up. 

I wanted to talk about the setting of my novel. Mostly because once again, I kind of had an idea of where my book was taking place, but the details were left out, for a few different reasons.

First: the obvious -Lucy is from Saskatoon. I wanted to name an actual Saskatchewan city (choosing the one I live in). I didn't think it would matter about the city so much because people aren't going to read it and try to figure out who it's about. Saskatoon is big enough that it can be in it, and it has everything my character needs. It's also small enough that she can run into people she knows unexpectedly.

In Saskatoon, Lucy lives in a townhouse style condo. She owns it. I'm not sure exactly where it is located, but I could probably add details about that if needed.

Second: The town she grew up in and her parents still reside in. This unnamed town is kind of a character all by itself. I am not sure if I will name it, but I think I could definitely spend some time with descriptions about it. I didn't put enough in the first draft of the novel because I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about it. It's a small town. Between 1000 to 2000 people. I didn't choose my own small town because it's too small, and I didn't want to use it. Being from a small town, I used what I knew about what it is like to live in one in the novel. My impressions anyway, which luckily are similar to Lucy's feelings on it.

I didn't name the town or give specific details about it. It's strange because I named Saskatoon. I don't want to give a town name (a real name) because if my book gets published and people read it, I don't want them reading this and trying to guess who it is about. Although, maybe if I name a town, it'll help sell it, Haha). I may make up a name, or I might just take more care in describing it.

Here are some details I imagine about it. There is a water tower that you see while heading towards the town (like most Saskatchewan towns). It has two hotels, and one or two restaurants. It has a coffee shop (maybe a Tim Horton's) where the older folks go to gossip. (The younger ones just use Facebook). One of the hotels has a bar attached. It's located along a highway. It has a park in it with benches and swings. The people in the town, while supportive of other town people, are also a bit gossipy, conservative, and can -at times - be judgemental. Being a small town, at times people do run into one another, without expecting to. Although, that also happens in Saskatoon (in real life and novel life).

That's where my story takes place. They're actually really important to the novel, and I should give them the descriptions they deserve.

I went out for supper with a friend (Ashleigh) who read it, and I'd like to thank her for bringing the poor neglected town to my attention. That advice (and more) helped a lot, and I'll be revising all weekend (while hibernating from the cold.)

One more thing, I'd like to thank my second draft readers Nancy (my mom), Karen (my best friend), Denise (also my best friend), and Ashleigh (my friend/ex co-worker and a writer). Clint (my boyfriend) also read (and listened) while I read to him. You've helped me so much, and given me great encouragement and critiques.

There will be some third draft readers as well, but I have to get the third draft revised first. (And I'm still waiting on some second draft notes.)

Oh - and Leanne - thanks for the small town advice!

I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me very soon!


Update (March 8th): I've named the town: Manow -Population 1500

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  1. I like your town name! It's cool because it's only two letters away from being Minot, which is not even in Canada, but close to Saskatchewan!

    It's interesting what you say about how you don't want to base your town on a real Saskatchewan place, but I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing to base it on a read town. For example, Dog River (from Corner Gas) was based on Tisdale Saskatchewan, and everyone knew that, but I don't think anyone was trying to figure out who Lacey "actually" was. And I think that Wullerton was based on Melfort, which has a rivalry with Tisdale... anywhoo, I don't think it was hindered by being based on an actual town. Brent Butt just changed a few things and made it his own!