Tuesday 28 January 2014

Writing Challenge Day 25-26

Day 25 http://blog.writersmarket.com/whats-new/2014-get-started-write-challenge-day-25
'For today’s task, spend the day brainstorming book ideas. Consider your experience, expertise, interests, etc. Look at books on your topics and other topics that might not be related to see if there are treatments that haven’t been applied to your topic. Just consider book ideas.'

I've got my book idea. I'll brain storm some more soon. Although, I'd rather focus on what I already have, and the idea I have for the next one.

Day 26
'For today’s task, take your book idea from yesterday and start fleshing out who your target audience is for the book. Age range? Gender? Profession? Hobbies? Etc. Try quantifying, if possible, through organization memberships, magazine circs, etc.'

Easy enough. Kind of. Sometimes, I don't find any of this easy. It's a start though. I'm changing this task just a little to focus on the target audience for the book I wrote.
I want to say age range would be from 18-50. Big age range, but I don't want to narrow it down completely. I guess if I were to, I'd make it 18-35. It's definitely written for a female audience. It's not to say males wouldn't like it, but it's not meant for males, and not really written with any male perspective. Profession shouldn't make a difference. I'm going to target it to people who read.
Turns out this wasn't that easy. I know age and gender. The rest I will soon learn.

On to the next challenge. I'm almost caught up.


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