Friday 3 January 2014

2014 Writing Challenge Day 2

Day 2 Road Map to my Goals
  • Write Every Day -write once a day (at least) for 15 minutes to an hour. Write before bed -write while Clint plays silly games. Routine. Write whether I have something to write about or not.
  • Edit the first novel: after I get feedback, I will read the story out loud, and make changes I feel are necessary. Then I will repeat. An hour a day.
  • Write a Second novel: Find an idea, and go with it. Don't stop till I'm done.
  • Look into publishing/submit: use all the resources I have to find publishers. Preferably in Saskatchewan.
  • Start Blogging again: Can do this during my writing time. Share my writing experiences... start a new blog about that.
  • Write Short Stories: Start with short stories, and if it feels like it could be more, keep going and make them novels.
  • Learn Something New Everyday: Never stop learning. Learn about something I'm writing about, or world events, or a new word.
  • Try different genres of Writing: It doesn't have to be sad all the time. Use my sense of humour.
  • Get Published: Don't give up. Keep submitting my work. Don't take no for an answer.
  • Make Writing a Career: Make enough money so I can work on only writing. Writing novels. Very very long term goal.
  • Write a lot of novels: One novel a year
  • Work on non-fiction: I have lots of stories to tell, and I should.
  • Make Money: Don't give up. Never stop writing, never stop trying to get published.
  • Don't Stop Writing: Don't stop writing.
  • Take Clint on Trips with Novel Writing: See 'Make Money' and 'Make Writing Career'

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