Monday 2 June 2014

JUNE IS HERE (And moving fun).

It's a new month!

I'm going to do this a little different than I have the past few months because I want to focus on my move more than anything else. I'll keep it the same order, but with more information in certain areas, and a LOT more pictures.  I started the monthly update in April, and want to continue on the 1st of each month (or shortly after if it's a weekend). This is April's This is May's

Life: Well, I've been talking about what will be new in my life for quite a while. We've moved out of the basement suite and are now renting a main level in a house. We may buy someday, but it isn't the time right now.

I need to explain why this move is so important, and where I was living before. In October of 2012, I decided to live by myself. My roommate and I had been given notice that the owners were selling the (mouse infested) house, so I decided to find someplace to call my own. Unfortunately, living in this city is expensive, and it's hard to find decent accommodations on my salary as a single woman. I was dating C, but was not planning to move in with him (yet.)

I found myself a basement suite. To be honest though, it was really just a bedroom, living room and bathroom. All the rest was shared, including the kitchen, located upstairs. I hate sharing a kitchen. I always have. However, the price was right, my landlord was nice, and I made the space my own.  Instead of cooking upstairs, I made myself a 'mock kitchen' with a bar fridge, microwave, coffee pot, crockpot, toaster oven and later a grill. Believe me, I did NOT like admitting this to people as a 32 year old. I really was quite efficient in it though. It worked for almost two years. C moved in with me this December, and while the living arrangement was working, we didn't love it. The bedroom was the only place with guaranteed privacy, as the laundry room was located off the living room. We had been looking for a place to buy, but jumped at the chance to find a new place when we were given two months notice because the landlords were moving.

It took us quite a while to find the perfect place to live, and I'm happy I had C looking with me because I am always so concerned that places will not be available the longer we wait.

Here is where we used to live: this is the packing/moving stages.

For two months, we lived with boxes. Our bed, didn't always look like that, by the way, it's just a bad timing picture! The mattress doesn't usually hang out. That table was my kitchen area.

Moving/Cleaning day. The shower was sparkling! And me taking a picture of my pigtails... didn't do a very good job! The couch came with the place.

The move out and clean was efficient. Unfortunately, that wasn't all of our stuff. C has had many of his things in storage for the past year because of his trip home to Ontario. So we were truly merging all of our stuff.

From the basement suite, my car was packed to the brim, his truck was packed full, and my friends brought their truck and trailer... also full.

We had two people helping us move. I'm so grateful because I can't even imagine how much longer the day would have been if we'd done it on our own. My work bff (who helped) did encourage me to get more friends by the time we were done! Haha.
We stopped at a patio for lunch between the move from the old place to the new place. Fish tacos. Nummy.

The new place... gets sun. Gets privacy. Has windows that open. Has a kitchen. And has a Jacuzzi tub. It's also STEPS away from 8th Street (aka restaurants, shopping and more), and 15 minutes from Broadway (AKA, restaurants and shopping). AND only a half hour walk to work every day, so I don't have to drive.

We moved everything into the 'spare' room. I had to go in so I could find toilet paper. I got trapped. The rest was all in the kitchen. MY KITCHEN!! The last load from C's storage, we just set out on the lawn to empty out their truck and trailer. We had a lot of people slowing down, assuming it was a garage sale.

After our helpers left (at around 4), we moved more inside, returned the carpet cleaner and TRIED to get enough energy to do some grocery shopping. How exciting to be able to fill an entire fridge instead of a beer fridge.

 Just a few more pictures. The kitchen, C building our new bed frame (kind of new, was in his storage). Cheers for being done the tough part. My first priority... decorating the fridge, and a book I found of C's. He's a gentleman!
Kitchen before and after. It's small, but BELIEVE ME, that doesn't matter when you've been using a crock pot for a year plus.

 Our living room. Still also a work in progress, but looking much better already. And... WINDOWS!
The bathroom all moved into. And... jet tub. Nice change from just having a shower. My feet and body needed some jets to help out! I was feeling about 100 by the next day.

 The closet in the basement suite was big, BUT hard to get into. Now, I can just put clothes in with no problems, AND colour coordinate them like I want. We also have extra shelves in the bedroom, and a whole other (and larger) closet in the spare room. Love the actual bed frame as well! And the dresser will not be like that for long. It is still in the unpacking mode.
All the extra boxes (mostly books) are in the spare room waiting for us to have more time. I found some magnets for my fridge, decorated the toilet cover, C set up the desk, and we finally have a place to put all of our games!!! Best ever.
And moving two houses into one means he can complain about my five bags full of purses (threatening a garage sale), and I can respond with the threat of putting all his beer glasses in the garage sale. We have A LOT of kitchen stuff now.

Novel: It's been seven weeks since I mailed 20 pages of my baby away. I'm still waiting, and have not had a lot of time to work on anything new, or on editing. Hopefully now that we're moved.

Love: Here it is in a nut shell:
I've told C he can get rid of this shirt now because he's got me.

Seriously though. Things could not be better. We are still the wonderful and adorable couple we've been for a long time. And we're just so happy to be where we are.

This Time Last Year: Hmm.
It looks like I didn't spend a lot of time on Twitter, other than retweeting and sharing other people's writing.

Here's FB:

I lost my last grandparent. My grandma Burton passed away. I spoke at her funeral. It was the third funeral I'd spoken at throughout the years.

That's it. Sorry for all the pictures! I take lots, and like to remember everything.

Also, today (Monday), I had to go to work, but am still in love with the new place, as C is too (as seen below):

And as always:

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