Sunday 5 April 2015

Dear Taylor Swift

April 5, 2015

Letter Prompts Day Five

A letter to a celebrity you like.

Dear Taylor Swift,

I've been meaning to write to you for a while. I want to apologise to you for a lot of people who judge you because of your social life. I don't know you personally, and never will, but I still have respect for you and your success. 

You are young, and you are allowed to date. You are allowed to date! You're also allowed to break up. It's unfortunate that your heart gets broken, but you know what, that's allowed as well. People heal. You heal through song writing.

And you ARE NOT the only person to write music about your heart break.

Not everybody is lucky enough to find the love of their life at a young age. BELIEVE ME, I get that. It took me 31 years to find mine, and it will take other people longer. If I had been judged for my younger me dating choices, it would have been pretty hard to take.

On that note, if you don't find the love of your life, and do have fun dating while selling many albums, good for you!

I see bloggers (myself included) tell personal details about their lives all the time. Your songs are like your journal. You are getting things out, and they end up being great songs. Congratulations. You are a writer, who is lucky enough to sing your songs.

Also, you aren't the only one who sings songs about your life. You're honest, just like many other singers. Everybody is unique, and everybody has different experiences. 

You still have so much life to live, and you are an inspiration to many in a great way. I don't know a lot about you, and I probably never will. From what I do know, you seem like somebody who is never going to quit doing what you love. 

Please don't let these people get you down. Don't stop looking for your happiness. Wherever it may be.

Also - I will be taking your advice as well:


Somebody who admires your strength. 

An article about Taylor Swift:

Also an update on my other April goals:

100 High Knees
75 Russian Twists

 7 minutes. (Again, from here:

My body is starting to feel it. As in - my legs are pretty sore. 

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We were invited over for Easter dinner with some friends. It was fun! Also, involved lots of baby cuteness!

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