Saturday 4 April 2015

Dear person of influence

April 4, 2015

Letter Prompts Day Four

A letter to the person who has influenced you the most.

Dear People of influence,

Dear all, I am writing this letter to more than one person because I've been lucky enough to be inspired by so many.

My mother is one of my biggest influences. She's brilliant, caring, and one hundred percent ready to help her children. She makes me want to be great and the best I can be. Also, she doesn't seem to age. I hope she's passed that on.

My father is also one of my biggest influences. He says what he thinks, and doesn't let anything stop him. He follows his dreams, even if they change. He's a kid at heart, and he passed that on to me.

My greatest influences and me.

My sister is one of my best friends. She's also one of the smartest people I know. She's caring, and supportive. I've always looked up to her. That will never change.

My grandparents, who are unfortunately no longer around. My Grandma McCrea raised a family of children by herself, with nothing but love and dignity. My Grandma Burton had a university degree, but when she met my grandfather, she chose farm life with her soul mate. She made family her number one priority. My Grandpa Burton (Poppy) was a strong man who loved with all his heart, and laughed with everything he had.

My aunts and uncles are always inspirations and influences. They're always there for one another, and always showing me how great they are. 

I've had one aunt who passed away. She was a huge influence in my life. I still tear up when I think of the loss. She was a strong and caring lady who always stood up for what she believed in. Always.
My aunt and I many years ago. She always made me feel special.

My significant other (we all know his name) has influenced me to be the best I can be. He knows I can do anything, and spends a great amount of time reminding me I can.

My friends are always there for support. Seeing them do great things, makes me want to be great as well. They are all my greatest influence.

One friend in particular has been the most influence in my writing career especially. She's always known I could write, and she continued to remind me even when I forgot to do it. She's my twin, and I've loved being involved in her life, even though we are too far from one another.

Thanks to my greatest influences.


The one who learns from you.

Also an update on my other April goals:

 200 Crunches (yuck)
100 Skater Slides
 7 minutes. (Again, from here:

Happiness Photo of the Day

Today's photo prompt was cozy. Life is cozy with this guy. Even when we're pretending to sleep.

April Ideas:

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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