Saturday 14 March 2015

What's my music?

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Day 14 of 31

What's on your iPod?

First, I have to be honest, I have an iPod, but it's not full of current downloads. I've given up on both my iPod and iTunes. Second, my iPod has some great music on it, but unfortunately, it no longer works with headphones, so it only works when attached to a speaker. I rarely seem to do that, and I think I've packed it. Think 90s. That's most of my music. I am a 90s girl.

Third, remember CDs? I miss them.

No matter how the music is heard, I love it. Music makes me happy. I use it to calm me, to pump myself up, and to sing and dance.

I'm an android lover. The only apple product I use consistently is my apple TV. And I'd switch to an android box in a heart beat. (Probably).

Now, I've been downloading music through Google Play because it's most convenient for me. It does make life easier to just have my phone to listen to music. Smart phones are smart.

I don't have a lot downloaded onto it yet because I'm cheap. I frequently download the free stuff though. Even if I have no idea what it is. You never know when you're going to discover something great.

My last purchase was Alanis Morissette's first album. It was released this year 20 years ago. I thought I needed to celebrate the fact that the 90s were so long ago. And it's awesome!

I also buy things if I've got concerts coming up. Shania Twain is coming up in June, and we are going to Eric Church in April. I like to listen to the music before the concert. (And before). (And obviously, I like the artist if I'm going to the concert.) I've got a bit more country on my phone, and a few other things. I'm slowly working on getting more music, but here's some of what I've got.

Now, one thing to notice is the Darlene Tuleta album. I worked with her in Melfort, and she released it this year. It's BY FAR one of my favourites out of all my music. Go download it!

I had a lot of music on my iPod. That's the only thing I miss about it. I've transferred some music on my old phone, but I don't have the energy to figure it out now. I don't mind having more than one source for music.

So, there is your answer. That's what is NOT on my Ipod, but it's what I've been listening to lately. My music category will slowly get larger. Also - the radio is great.

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