Wednesday 11 March 2015


March 11, 2015
Day 11 of 30 Day Prompt Challenge

Since I'm still sick today (but made it to work), this isn't going to be a long post. All I can think about is how much I'd like to nap. I also fell outside my house this morning, and then continued my half hour walk after landing on my side. It was fine while I was walking, but I can feel lit stiffening up as I sit here.

The last book you read.

This one is easy to do because I also have a blog specified to reading and books. I once saw a list that a family member, generations older than I, wrote with every book she'd read. I was impressed, but I'm terrible at keeping up with lists, so I decided to do it in blog form. I've also had trouble keeping up with that at times, but I'm getting much better. 

The Blog Post I did for the last book was for Sarah's KeyHere is the post. I think a lot of people have already read this one, and I was late to the book, but I absolutely loved it. 

That's not true, there were things I didn't love in it, but from the first few pages, I knew I wouldn't be putting it down. All of my comments are in the link above. I would spend more time on it, but as I said at the top, I don't have a lot of energy. Follow the link to see more. It's got a few of the books I've been reading lately.

I've already talked about my goal for 2015. I wanted a realistic reading goal because I never know how much I'll do. I want to read 13 books this year. One a month, and an extra. If I can read more, that's even better. I sometimes get lazy about reading. I blame the 'book' nemesis, 'television'. (In my case, Netflix). I want to get back to the basics this year. I want to do what I love. Reading and writing. 

I'm also trying to read different books than what I'd usually choose, and I'm not allowing repeats of books I love. (If I read them, they don't count towards my 13 books.) 

If anybody has any suggestions for books, feel free to tweet, comment on this blog or the other, or message me.

Happy Wednesday. 


March Prompts: Here gets you to another link and here.
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