Monday 30 March 2015

Personalities of Days

March 30, 2015

Day 30 of 31

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

I'm going to be honest. This is the worst question I've had so far in these prompts. It's not going to help my writing or my creative mind to talk about what kind of ice cream I like best. It's not going to help anybody reading know more about me. At all.

In case you really need to know: I'm not picky. I like chocolate. Or peanut butter chocolate chunky ice cream. Or apple caramel. You know... if it's ice cream, I'll eat it. Except for Tiger Tiger. Gross.

And now, I'm going to go and find a new prompt because I really don't like this one.

I just found a whole bunch really creative prompts, that look like a lot of fun. I'll use one of these.

They are prompts used for a high school class, but sometimes those are the most creative. And WAY more creative than my favourite ice cream.

Here is the one I choose for today:

Describe Each Day of the week as if it was a person.

I LOVE it! I've spent the morning planning it out in my head. Actually, I've spent the morning working, but have also been planning out which day would be my favourite person.

I know that Sunday is the actual start of the week, but I never really consider it to be. I think my first work week day is the start.

Which is why we will start with the very Mean Spirited Monday.


Monday is an ass. They are just out for number one, and if they can torture people at the same time, they're ALL for it. Even though Monday is sarcastic and rude some of the time, you still kind of want to be friends with them. The friendship should make your life easier, if anything. 


This one is not only a bit of a follower, but they don't have much of a personality. The quiet one of the batch, that lets both Monday and Wednesday do the talking. Shy and timid is usually what you'll see when you look at Tuesday, but they're probably planning something big. (Or not. You'll never know.)


Wednesday is the friend you want to encourage you. Definitely a 'glass is half full' type personality, and the eternal optimist. Almost an inspiring type personality. Wednesday knows that good things are going to happen, and are content just waiting for it to come. 


Thursday is Monday's jerky best friend. He (or she) is a bully, and and will taunt you every chance he gets. He'll make sure to let you know you aren't quite there yet. However, even though you kind of want to be Monday's friend, you basically just want Thursday to go away. 


Everybody loves Friday. Slightly cocky because they know everybody loves them, Friday is basically the life of the party. Need a laugh? Talk to Friday. Friday has a lot of energy, and it'll be a great night trying to keep up with Mr or Mrs. Friday. 


Saturday is a mellow person. They're a good person to hang out with and do nothing but enjoy your time. Saturday is the best friend everybody wants. They are the perfect person to spend time with. Saturday is the whole package. Good looking, funny, smart, and so damn great. It's pretty hard to let them go.


As much as Saturday is your calm best friend, the person people really have an obsession with is Sunday. Sunday is the person you want more time with than you get. Saturday is the coolest of them all, and every second you spend with them is wonderful. You'll dread the moment you have to let them go. The combination of Saturday and Sunday is a friendship everybody wants to be part of. You'll be counting down the seconds until you can hang out with them. Throw Friday in the mix, and you'll spend your whole weekend laughing and loving life.  

This was a fun prompt. I want more like this one.

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As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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