Tuesday 24 March 2015

Embarrassing moments

March 24, 2015

Day 24 of 31

Describe your most embarrassing moment

I'm sure I had plenty of moments in my high school life where I was shy, and couldn't handle any sort of embarrassing moment. I was so sheltered and scared of not fitting in.

Growing up and living life has changed that. I embrace my embarrassing moments. I find that it helps me get over things quickly.

Therefore, when asked about what my most embarrassing moment is, I can honestly say, I have no idea.

I'll talk about one story in particular, that proves I make things more embarrassing than they need to be.

I used to teach English in South Korea. We used to go out to a bar when I lived in Seoul called Tinpan. The bar offered cheap tequila and beer. I think many nights were spent there. Messy nights at times.

There was about a 15 hour time difference between Korea and Canada, so at times I would go outside and call Canada because my 2 am was afternoon in Saskatchewan. Basically, I'd have non sober conversations with sober friends. 

Long story short, one night, the glass door was closed when I came back into the bar after calling friends, but being a few drinks in, instead of pushing it open, I tried to walk right through it. I bounced off the glass door just like they do in the movies.

I think the only person who saw me was the DJ. Of course, I ran up to my friends and announced that I ran into the door. Why? I don't know. It made me get over it. My friend, James, still makes fun of me for it.

Actually, HE makes fun of me because later on that night when I was coming back inside a second time, I ran into it again. Again, nobody saw me, and AGAIN, I ran up to my friends and announced that I hit it a second time. 

A few weeks later, I saw another girl do it. I immediately ran over to tell her I knew how she felt. She probably didn't care.

That's the most embarrassing thing I can think of, and writing it down, it doesn't actually embarrass me. 

This is me at TinPan. Different night though. This was after I dislocated my elbow after falling off a skateboard. (Also, not embarrassing.) 

Until Tomorrow! 

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    1. Haha. Yeah. I miss those nights when I could still drink tequilla!