Tuesday 3 March 2015

Things that make me happy

March 3, 2015 (day 3)

What makes you happy?

  • Clint. Not just him though. Us. The two of us and the relationship we have makes me happy. I honestly feel grateful for us every day. 
  • My family.  I'm so lucky to have the parents that I do, and the sister that I do. I was lucky to have the grandparents I had, and my aunts, uncles and cousins are all pretty great as well. I have a fantastic family, and appreciate every day that I have with them. (Also, Clint's family - my practically in-laws - are also really great).
  • My friends. Old friends, new friends... anybody I can have a laugh with and confide in (and have them confide in me) makes me happy. Friends keep me sane.
  • Being happy. Take from this what you will, but being happy makes me happy. If I can look back on a day, and know I was happy, that's something to celebrate. Being happy is like getting into a habit. The more you do it, the easier it is.
  • Gratitude. To me, this is happiness. I'm grateful for my life. Therefore, I've got a happy life. 
  • The small things. You know... wine, coffee, hugs, kisses... 
  • The big things. Buying a house. Future plans. Writing a book.
  • Writing: Writing in any way makes me happy. Blogging, novel writing, creative writing. They all work and all bring a smile to my face. If I'm having a bad day, writing helps. It doesn't need to be about my bad day, just writing.
There's more, but this pretty much covers it. The little things, the big things. Being happy isn't something I'm striving for, it's something I am.

Happy Tuesday!

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As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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