Wednesday 24 September 2014

Self promoting

Wednesday September 24, 2014

The blog prompt question is below, and it has to do with promoting myself on Twitter. As we all know, I don't have a published book to promote (yet). 

I'm in the middle of trying to decide where I want to send it next. I wanted to stick with publishers from Saskatchewan to start because I think being published in my province would be pretty great. I also, (selfishly), hope that being from Saskatchewan will be an advantage. So far, that isn't the case, but I've only sent it to one publisher. 

I'm getting stressed JUST thinking about where to send my Query next. I'm having little panic attacks thinking about putting it into the envelope, and the next long wait I'll have. I realise there isn't anything stressful about it, but that doesn't stop me from worrying and stressing about what I have to do.

So, all these questions about promoting myself are basically about how I promote MYSELF. I have no book to promote. I hope by the time I get published people may know who I am because of my blogs, and because of the fact that I talk about my writing on social networks. By the time my book might be published, people will know it's coming. Will it help? I really hope so. One step at a time though. I have to send it to the next publisher first.

Also, I found this post today. It fits in with the self promoting prompt. Yeah - it might be annoying to hear me talk about me all the time, but if it helps, I'll continue. me.

Now that you know my current stress, I'll go on to how I promote myself on Twitter.

Share 5 ways you use Twitter to promote yourself.

  • I share Instagram pictures on Twitter. 

  • I share my blog on Twitter.

  • I share other blogs or writing tips I find on Twitter.

  • And I hashtag the hell out of my work. (Examples? Okay. #MyWANA #blogging #amwriting #Mondayblogs #WWWblogs) Or I'll hashtag my (non specific) location (#yxe). Things like that. Also, my favourite things about these hashtags is to discover, read and share work that others do as well.

  • I follow other people. The people that follow me back see what I post, and can retweet. That helps.

That's about it. I'll be sending the next query in soon. I'm sure you'll know when I send it. 

And as always:
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