Thursday 25 September 2014

In my Bag

Sept 25, 2014
What's in your bag?

Another exciting prompt. My bag actually usually has more stuff in it, but I just rearranged my purses.m (So half the crap is in a different purse).

This is my purse. It's beautiful! 

 This is the inside.

 All this stuff is in my zippered pocket. The car is a memory stick. The batteries may be dead, I have no idea. And, I need gum. I have lots of change though!

Umbrella, shoe cleaner stuff, wallet (that I hate, and need to replace), powder for my face, car charger, tide to go pen, Tylenol, my fishing license, Kid flossers for my small mouth, receipts that could be thrown away. Oh and an earring thing that should be thrown out.

My lunchtime book. 

A random feather at the bottom of my purse from the stagette.

A tic tac Toe note pad, a password book (don't bother stealing, it literally has the most useless passwords in it). And a pen.

The important bag! My lunchbag. 

Missing is the yogurt. I ate that. Coffee, breakfast, lunch, snack. I got it all!

Not pictured... my phone. It's either in my purse, pocket or hand.

That's just a bit of a glimpse of my life. It takes me FOREVER to find anything. That's about what my brain feels like most of the time as well, just stuff hanging out everywhere. 

Until tomorrow.

And as always:
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