Wednesday 25 February 2015

Questions and Answers

February 25th, 2015

If anybody is keeping track, this is the third day in a row I've posted. Also, the third day I've posted in February. So I'll try not to be to proud of myself yet.

To help me get back in the posting habit, I'm taking it easy on myself today. I didn't think my post about babies (to have or not to have) was easy (HERE), and I actually never find it as easy as it may appear to post all about my feelings for loved ones (ROMANCE HERE).

Today on #wwwblog day, I will take a different posting approach. I found something on Pinterest called '100 Questions No One Ever Asks.' I've done a lot of questionnaires that are the same, so I was willing to follow the link to see these questions. The link is below. I'm going to do 50 questions in this post, and 50 tomorrow. 100 seems like a lot.

I'll take a break from my normal posts, and take a quick question and answer period. Maybe I'll find more out about myself... OR maybe you'll find out more information that you ever needed to know! (You ARE welcome!) Not that my blog is as structured as it should be, but I usually skip answering a lot of questions at once. (Even though, I quite enjoy it).

Here I go:

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Closed. I never remember to close them until I'm already in bed though. Unless I'm REALLY exhausted and Clint is also already in bed, they are always closed. The monsters can STAY in there. If they want to party during the day, I will leave the doors open for them. 

2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? Not always. Sometimes if it smells really nice, or if I know I'm going some place that I'll need some. I usually bring my own though.

3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? They start tucked in, but end up not. More specifically, I make the bed completely right after laundry, and tuck it in, and then don't bother until next laundry day. As long as the sheet is covering me, I'm good.

4. Have you stolen a street sign before? No. I tried to steal the letter "E" from a sign once though. It didn't work. It was a very long time ago.

5. Do you like to use post-it notes? I would love to say yes because they seem pretty useful, but if I need to send myself a note, I email it to myself or use an app on my phone. Or use scrap paper. In other words, I have no post it notes.

6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? Not usually. I don't cut them out at all though.

7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Neither one, thanks. I saw My Girl. The bees didn't work out for Macaulay Culkin. I also don't think the bear scenario would work out. I'll stay in hotels and steal the shampoo instead. 

8. Do you have freckles? I used to get them in summer. I'm not sure where they went. I love freckles. 

9. Do you always smile for pictures? Sometimes I'm too busy talking. Sometimes I use my 'serious' face.  OR... if you stick a banana near me, I won't smile. Gross.

10. What is your biggest pet peeve? Mean people. It just isn't necessary. 

11. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? No. I walk all the time though. 

12. Have you peed in the woods? I have.

13. Have you ever pooped in the woods? I have not.

14. Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing? Ummm yes. But with me it doesn't matter. I have no rhythm either way. 

15. Do you chew your pens and pencils? Nope.

16. How many people have you slept with this week? I don't mean to make myself sound like a good girl, but I'm not sure if I've ever slept with more than one person in a week. Unless you're talking just sharing a bed, but still the answer might be the same. This week, it's just been Clint and I. OH! If we had a pet, maybe that would count.

17. What size is your bed? Queen. We don't need anything bigger.

18. What is your song of the week? This is an older song, and I recently downloaded it for free on Google Play, but I really like Pure Heroine by Lorde. I've recently been using Google Play to get more music. I like finding music by accident, but have also bought a few albums. 

19. Is it OK for guys to wear pink? Where what you want.

20. Do you still watch cartoons? Sure.

21. What is your least favourite movie? My least favourite movie? I'm trying to think back to times when I left the theatre angry. There were a few, I'm sure. The middle movie of both Lord of the Rings AND the Hobbit make me mad. I know you're judging me right now, but I won't apologise. Three hours of boredom with no results never make me happy. The dragon was good though. Also, there is a movie on Netflix called Fire with Fire. I hated it. Common sense should be important in a main character.

22. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? Cause I'd tell you?

23. What do you drink with dinner? If we are talking dinner as in the last meal of the day: wine or water. If we are talking lunch: coffee or water.

24. What do you dip a chicken nugget in? I'm not a big chicken nugget eater, so whatever dipping sauce is in front of me.

25. What is your favourite food? Wine

26. What movies could you watch over and over again and still love? Reality Bites, Dirty Dancing, Life as a House, Finding Neverland

27. Last person you kissed/kissed you? Clint. This picture wasn't our last kiss though. Neither of us needs glasses now! 

28. Were you ever a boy/girl scout? I was not. But it seems fun.

29. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? Not completely naked, no.

30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? December. Love notes. Also I wrote Christmas Update letters.

31. Can you change the oil on a car? I haven't, but I could if I tried hard enough. 

32. Ever gotten a speeding ticket? Nope.

33. Ever ran out of gas? I don't think I have.

34. What’s your favourite kind of sandwich? A BLT or Clubhouse maybe? I don't know.

35. Best thing to eat for breakfast? On weekdays, I have a yogurt or energy/granola bar at around 10. Weekends, if I'm at home, I'll make bacon and eggs with homemade hashbrowns for C and I. If I'm at a restaurant, it's almost guaranteed I'll choose Eggs Benedict. (This picture was actually breakfast for supper).

36. What is your usual bedtime? Between 10 and 11 on week nights. Weekends it just depends what's going on.

37. Are you lazy? Well, kind of. I get work done, but I like to laze around. Lazy is kind of a harsh word. 

38. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?First of all, usually a Halloween in Saskatchewan includes snow and cold. Second of all, I can only remember one costume right now, and it was a Care bear. Which is perfect for Saskatchewan Halloweens. The only picture I have is from last Halloween. 

39. What is your Chinese astrological sign? The Monkey:

40. How many languages can you speak? English, a little bit of French, and even less Korean. 

41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? No. I move WAY too much to continue updating my address for Magazines. Maybe once we move into our new house. We'll see though. I keep too many things, so it's best for a non cluttered house to NOT have a subscription. 

42. Which are better: legos or lincoln logs? I pick Lego's only because I had to google Lincoln logs. 

43. Are you stubborn? Yes.

44. Who is better: Leno or Letterman? Are either of them on television anymore? I guess I enjoyed Leno more.

45. Ever watch soap operas? Hell, yes. Grew up with Another World, now I stick to General Hospital. I don't always watch it, but I do read recaps. I know about all of them though.

46. Are you afraid of heights? I don't think so. Jumping from a large height is a different question, but just being up high isn't a problem for me. I once ran off a cliff with a parachute (and man) strapped to my back. (Para-gliding). I did try bungee jumping as well, and it turns out, my fear sets in when I have to fall straight down, even if attached to a bungee cord. Maybe I could do it with somebody, but not alone. The picture is my feet. Nothing scared me that day.

47. Do you sing in the car? Yes I do.

48. Do you sing in the shower? Not really, no. I'm sure I have, but it's not my prime singing location.

49. Do you dance in the car? Less than I sing, but yes.

50. Ever used a gun? I took firearm safety when I was 12 (I think). I shot a rifle at a clay thing. It kicked back and I cried. I haven't shot one since. Nor do I need to.

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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