Tuesday 24 February 2015

One post for the romantics

February 24, 2015

I'm going to blog two days in a row. I think the more I write, the more I'll keep writing. Also, I just downloaded an app called HabitBull. It's keeping track of writing/editing and blogging. As well as a few other things I've neglected to do today.

Last February, I did 28 Love posts. It was probably a little much. Since I've missed most of February, including Valentine's Day, I found one prompt (from the link below), that is both a prompt, and will give me a chance to share my mushy side.

As I may have said before, I recently gave C 13 love letters to open this year. So I guess this is letter number 14 (for all to see, unlike the others).

Who makes you feel the happiest? Tell that person “thank you” in a letter.

Dear Clint,

I have struggled with what it is to be happy for a long time. I always try to be happy with whatever is happening in my life, but I've failed on occasion.

It took a long time, but I finally found out that the only person that can make me happy, is me. I've learned how to appreciate all the great things I have in life.

Second to myself, (haha), you make me happy every day. Every day I am grateful that I have you. Even when I am at my most grumpy, I still know how lucky I am to have you in my life, making me smile.

Obviously, the love we have for one another makes me happy.

This letter is to let you know how thankful I am that YOU make me happy.

Here are some things that you do that make me happy.

  • You give good hugs. They calm me down when I'm upset.
  • You make me laugh, and look at things differently. You make me more light hearted, and you have no problem with laughing at me when I'm being (overly) dramatic.
  • When I stress out (and I do a lot), you are the one who makes me feel better.
  • You reassure me that you WILL be there for me when I need you the most.
  • You tell me you love me as much as I tell you. We both know it, but it's still nice to hear.
  • You encourage my writing more than anybody else.
  • You are interested in what I'm writing. I'm not talking my blog. I know you read it sometimes, but my novel writing, you do take an interest in. Even though, it isn't your type of writing. (Some day, I'll write a science fiction or fantasy novel for you.) (Probably not).
  • Your face makes me happy. Your smile.
  • Your nerdiness makes me happy.
  • Your willingness to hang out with my family, and the fact that you enjoy seeing them, and you know how important they are to me.
  • How much you love your family. I'm sad that you have to be so far away from them.
  • Which brings me to something else that makes me happy. The fact that you are willing to be here with me, and start a life and be my family, even though yours is so far away. It breaks my heart because I know what it's like, but it makes me happy to be with you.
  • That you appreciate and respect me with all the love you have.
  • You make me happy because we can veg out, drink wine, and not leave the house for an entire weekend. 
  • I'm also happy that when we do leave the house (I promise we do!), it's usually for something fun. An adventure together.
  • I'm happy that life with you will always be an adventure. 
  • I'm over the moon happy that you love mushrooms. No sarcasm. I love them too. You respect the fact that most of my meals include mushrooms and cheese.
There are more things, but those are just a few things that make me happy every day. I'm glad I'm writing this now, and not on Valentine's Day. (I'm positive I had the intention to do a V-day post). As great as that day should be, every day is great with you. 

Thanks for you,


Next, letter I should write a thank you to myself for the happiness!! We'll see.

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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