Thursday 30 October 2014

Blogging and book reading

Thursday, October 30th

I was watching Life as We Know It on Netflix last night. The main guy character was insulting the main gal. (I'm sorry, I can't remember names). It was meant to be a funny scene. And it was funny. However, his insults perfectly described me. Haha. This is the Trailer:

In that first scene in the car, he asks her if she wants to go back inside instead of the date and read books because she looks like she likes books. And he asks her if she blogs. Basically, he described a lot of my nights. I'm a book loving, blog loving nerd. Luckily, Clint has his own geeky tendencies, so we're a good match.

In fact, I just wrote a blog post about the book I finished last night. Gone Girl

I wasn't really insulted when I heard that. It was just a 'hey, my hobbies are what the 'cool kids' make fun of.' I also didn't see her blog or read a book at all in the movie. 

I used to be a 'closet nerd'. I tried so hard to be normal (because I didn't need to give anybody reasons to pick on me). That was mostly in high school, but it still took me a long time to find my true self and to admit that I love reading and I love writing. Even if it is just a silly blog, it is still a passion. I let my nerd out for all to see. 

I also know (not all of them personally) other bloggers who say important things all the time. Brave stories about their life and things they are experiencing. They talk about things that matter. Things that MEAN something. Things that make a difference in one person's life. So to be put into a category with those people - I'm okay with that. 

In no way am I trying to put myself into the same league as these people. I don't think my blogs have helped people in their lives, but I'm trying. It's an outlet for me to say what I need, and a way for me to practice writing.

I love it.

I also love reading, and I'm so happy that my significant other (we all know his name, I just like to change it up) loves it as well. I'd still read no matter what (as I did in other relationships when my exes had no books or interest in reading), but I read more now. I also have been more adventurous with my reading. With all the new books on the shelves, I've got a lot more to choose from.

 By the way, I know I've referred to myself as a nerd a few times in this post. I don't like labels. Never have. However, it was the easiest way to describe it. And, if somebody describes or labels me as a nerd, I'm pretty much going to consider it a compliment. 

 That's it for this post. It was like a story within a story. Blogging about Blogging. (Not really, but whatever).

Happy Thursday!

And as always:
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