Thursday 31 July 2014

August is Here (TOMORROW) And Selfies

July 31

I have August all planned out for posts, and because I plan to follow through with posting from it everyday, I need to do my usual Start of the Month Post a day early. I am also doing two in one because I had the Selfie post started, and never finished. So it'll be posted now.

It's going to be a new month!

Life: Life is good. C is back to work, and I miss him a lot. Actually, more than I thought I would. We fit will together when he was always home. We didn't usually annoy each other, we hung out, but still did our own thing, and he helped keep me sane and patient. I liked his companionship, and I miss it. However, I know this is his job, and if not for his job, I'd have never met him. Plus, learning how to be independent (again), is never a bad thing. Other than that, summer is half over, and it really doesn't feel like I've done much. I'm feeling kind of alone this summer. My friends are away, and I'm here. Mostly working. The Fringe is starting today, so hopefully that will make me a bit more social. Or at least out of my house, even if I have to go alone.

Novel: To be perfectly honest, I'm getting a little bit impatient. It will be four months on August 4th (also a holiday). I don't have any confirmation that they received it, and I really am dreading hearing a 'no', even though it could definitely happen. However, I'd be happy to get a yes or a no, just so I can figure out what my next step is. As for the second novel, I need to work on it. Now. Today. Always. I should really grab my laptop, and sit at a coffee shop or pub, and just write. (While people watching).

Love: I kind of covered that, I guess in the life section. This month has been good. Still in love, still happy, he's legit (In case anybody has been wondering). He and I are happy, and we will continue to be happy. We are going to have a fantastic future together. (With alliteration and everything!) I have no doubt about it.

This Time Last Year: 

I think Clint was working 18 days with three off, and much farther away - so things are better this year. I was writing (novel writing) more last year. I'll get back at it.
Twitter: "Two pairs of sandals, polka dot sneakers and boots. That's not going overboard for camping right?" Looks like I went Camping! I haven't gone camping this year, and I'm not sure if I will. Makes me kind of sad actually.

Facebook: Conveniently, FB now has something you can click that says "On This Day". So it's easy to find out what I did last year. This was it:

 I haven't used them much.

Onto the next post in the same post: Selfies:

I've kind of spoken about this before, but I'm going to again. I post selfies. Maybe there is some psychological reason why I need to let people see pictures of myself. Do I need the self esteem boost? Not really. Do I share too much of myself (pictures and info)? Maybe. Maybe I should just take pictures of the scenery, but I like to have me in the scenery. Why? I don't know. Maybe I just want to look back someday and know I was there, and I was living, AND I was having fun.

I take pictures of outfits when I like them, I take pictures to see my hair, to show off jewelry or outfits, and to show where I've been and who I have been with., I take pictures of me making funny faces, and frankly, I don't usually care if I'm making a funny face. (Although, I'm not a fan of double chinned pictures). I also take pictures of myself to send to C - so he can remember what I look like while he's away at work.

Either way, I've decided to stop caring about why I do it. It's the age of social media, and it is something I do without apology. I can't care if I'm bothering somebody with my posts. I have enough things I stress myself out with needlessly, to worry about the fact that I'm posting too many pictures of myself. I'm not going to worry about it.

As I write this, I am wondering what my point is. I guess I've seen a lot about selfies lately. In blogs, on Facebook, or other social media or news online. I think people can take too many photos of themselves. I think posting a picture on Facebook of yourself driving while you are driving is dangerous. Obviously, I don't do that. Although, I can barely change the radio station while driving.

So I'm going to continue posting too much, and sharing pictures because that's what I do.

I recently read this post: I thought it was interesting. Can I go without posting selfies for 30 days? Here's the truth: I think I have to wait until November. There are too many great things coming up that I'll probably not be able to resist! Haha. I'll never learn. So, November, I'll try not to post or take selfies.

Until then... you can look forward to more selfie-bration from me.

And of course, since we're on the topic:

Many times, I do take selfies with others!

 Newfoundland Selfies.

Iceberg Selfie

Feet selfies?

 And: I also take a lot of pictures of food. To add some balance to my picture taking life. :)

And as always:
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