Wednesday 16 July 2014

Quitting some Social Media

July 15 (And 16th)

Today, I quit LinkedIn.

I am a very active user of Facebook, but that's for people I know personally. I share too much on it to feel comfortable expanding my list to acquaintances. That being said, I also, at times, share too much on this blog, so that kind of takes away from what I just said. I guess I don't use it to market myself (I do talk about myself a lot though). I also feel like I have too many friends on it. I am a friend deleter as well.

I'm on Instagram. This is another that I'm not as public on. I use it to make cool pictures even more cool. I share on FB, Twitter, and my blog. I quite enjoy using it, and seeing other people's pictures as well. My account is private, but I usually accept requests to follow. Also, I take pictures of my food.

Twitter: I've just figured out how to use it in the last couple of years. I use it A LOT to talk about writing, learn about writing, link it to my new posts, and sometimes follow celebrities. I'm only half kidding, but I do follow actors and musicians I admire or enjoy and all authors I can. It's strange because I'd be lost without it, even though three years ago I never used it.

I'm also on Google Plus, which I think is normal for anybody with a gmail/google account. I don't really use it at all, except to share my blog.

Back to the original story of quitting LinkedIn, I couldn't figure out why I was on it. Maybe if I get published, I'll rejoin, but for now, it's a hassle I don't need. I think I am too open on the Internet as it is. I have no problem admitting that, but I don't plan to change what I say in my blogs. I think it's good for me to express how I'm feeling, and to tell my embarrassing stories when I have them. I just can't keep up. I don't want to add people to my LinkedIn, and I also hate that I did it wrong, and sent a request to every person I've ever emailed. Basically, it is a relief to be rid of it. I don't need another way for strangers to see my life. I get that is is a professional social media group, but I still don't get the need for another one.

It felt good to delete it. Maybe someday I'll delete another, but for now, it was one step away from the things that weigh me down online.

I wrote a post a while ago about complaints I have about my online Facebook life. It's right here.

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