Friday 4 July 2014

Unreleased Chapter... Whoa...

Post a previously unreleased chapter from one of your books.

I think we know what's going to happen here.

I'm not going to post a previously unreleased chapter from one of my books. I'm sure there will be more taken out, and there are chapters that have already been taken out, but until it gets published, I'm not going to share the stuff I took out. While it's all good writing, I can tell you now that when I share parts of my novel, it is going to be relevant to the novel.

I'll wait until my books actually become books to share the stuff I didn't love enough to put in. So far, I've taken out memories of the main character. Things I liked, but weren't really needed. I'm sure there will be more, but the only way I'll share is if I get published. So... wish me luck.

Also, I do feel that someday, my book will be published, so I can follow through on this.

The details about my publishing company say they should respond in 3-4 months, and Monday is 3 months.

That doesn't mean I'll get published, it just means I'll find out if I'm not going to get published.

That's that.

I was actually going to share one page of my novel, but chickened out.

We'll see, maybe sometime.

Happy Friday!

And as always:
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