Monday, 1 January 2018

200 Days in a row of writing AND 2018!

Jan 1, 2018

I'm running out of time to write this, but want to get my New Year post written.

I think tomorrow, I'll do a quick goodbye to 2017. I know it should be done before this one, but that's okay.

Two things to talk about today. My writing and my 2018 goals. (They definitely overlap.)


I've now written 206 days in a row. No breaks. No excuses. Unlike my first 100 days, I actually feel like I'm accomplishing more. I feel like I'm a writer. I'm writing. I don't feel like I'm just trying to write because I'm making myself. I WANT to write. I want to finish editing. I really really WANT to be published. So badly. So so badly.

After I was done my 100 days, I wasn't sure what the end plan was. I didn't know how long I'd go. 

After 200 days, it is more clear. I'm going to write 356 days in a row. After that, I'll take a break. And then I'll start again. I can't stop for more than a day. If I do, I might forget how great it is, and I might not start again. The mind does weird things. I have to keep going.

In November, I wrote 50k in the month because I was participating in Nanowrimo. I started a new novel, but didn't finish it. I will. 

In December, I had to put that novel down. I started on page one of my finished novel, and I started editing. I counted how many words were left at the end of every day, and tried to edit no less than 1000 words. I think because of my Nanowrimo it was easy for me. I edited just over 50,000 in December.

Unfortunately, I have to count all the words myself. 

The great thing about this is that I can probably be done editing by the end of January. (Or the middle of February at the latest.)

After that, I'll start my next steps. First step is getting more test readers... any volunteers? Second step is finding an editor. Paying an editor to help me with anything I missed grammatically. (I'm guessing a lot). 

So basically, that's my last 200 days. They've been good. I'm super proud of myself. I didn't feel quite as optimistic after 100, but I'm feeling good now.

By the way: these were my thoughts after I had made it 100 days in a row writing: 100 Days

2018 Goals

As I've said before, I've never been a big fan of resolutions. However, I've been making goals for the past few years, and I've been doing really well. Some of these are just for January (we'll see how it goes), and others are for the year.

The Year
  • Write everyday. I've already discussed this. I don't need to say more. (Except for the one day break I'll take after a full year.)

  • Make a solid attempt at getting published. It's so time.

  • Be the best mom I can be. 

  • Swear just a tad less. Not a lot. But a tad. My kid's going to start repeating after Momma soon.

  • Patience. When I get angry, I need to remember how awesome my life is. Sometimes, I yell. Sometimes, I lose my patience. It's not fair to anybody. 

  • Don't be guilty when I lose my patience. Because sometimes I will. Don't get sucked in by the Mom guilt. My kid is loved a ridiculous amount. 

  • Make sure my child has a lot of play dates. No daycare means he has to learn how to be social and an all around sharing baby.

  • Teach Anthony that being nice is one of the most important things.

  • Volunteer.

  • Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. This year's goal is 40 books, but it doesn't matter if I read 40, as long as I'm reading. I'm not a writer if I'm not reading.

  • Continue my book blog, and post about what I'm reading. I'm a year behind.I haven't decided yet if I'll just start where I am, or try to catch up.

  • Craft. I actually really enjoyed my month of crafting. I want to continue being creative.

  • I want to see if I can sell my photos on wood. I want to make lovely things for people, and maybe make a tiny amount of money doing it. (Here is what I'm doing: Photos on Wood)
Just for the month (and maybe more)
30 Day Plank Challenge

And declutter my house. I have WAY too much stuff. I'm doing a 30 day Declutter my Life challenge I found on Pinterest. (Day one was get rid of five things. I chose this broken lamp that has been travelling with me since my Thailand trip, and four other things.)

Also I want to edit 1500 words a day at least. Hopefully more.

And that's it for today. Made it just before midnight. Stay tuned for my best of 2017.

Happy 2018!

“Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up.”

― Jane Yolen

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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