Saturday 30 December 2017

Almost Goodbye to December photos

December 30, 2017

I'm actually going to cheat here. I'm going to add an extra photo for tomorrow because I've got other things to post tomorrow. Obviously, I'll be looking into the future for it, so prepare to be amazed.

I've been housebound (by choice) for the past week because the temps are in the minus 40s with the windchill. I choose to hang out inside. Today I left to get wine. That was a big moment. I can only be a hermit for so long. Either way, my photos may be boring because I haven't done anything at all.

I'm just going to go right into posting photos because I'm doing this while my toddler is playing with cars in front of me. He could get bored and turn my computer off at any time. 

Dec 26
Something New
New coffee mug from my sister. (I had a lot to choose from for new things, but this one was the first that came up for Dec 26th.) I love it.

Dec 27
The Weather Outside Is:
I've already spoken about the weather. It's cold enough that it does this if you throw boiling water into the air. (This photo was taken today). I've been a hermit for the past week, and finally had enough. Which meant experimenting in the cold.
Two photos for this prompt because I also did this one today. I made a bubble freeze. It's cold out. 

Dec 28
In The Morning
In the morning, I used my BRAND NEW griddle to make bacon and eggs. All foods cooked on the same thing. Love it! (The smashed eggs is Anthony's. He doesn't like over easy.) And the bacon was already cooked, I just moved it over to the potato breakfast fries.

Dec 29
Nothing more cozy than this. Cozy snuggles while he naps and I read.

Dec 30
Unfiltered? My unfiltered language when I'm freezing outside for a silly experiment. (Also, no filter on this photo, but my face sure looks like it could use one. Poor tired face.)

Dec 31
Celebrate (Ready? I'm about to step into the future.)

Advanced Happy New Year!

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