Wednesday 24 June 2015


June 24, 2015

I have not participated in my usual blog sharing days on Twitter (#mondayblogs and #wwwblogs) because if I write, I always seem to pick an off day.

I've got about 15 blog ideas ready to write. I have them saved as drafts with the ideas in them so I don't forget. I'm going to start off with an easy one. A filler -if you will. I have a busy week, and leave for a week long vacation on the 30th. So, I'm going to wait until I get back and have more time before I worry about all the others. I'll try to do one more on Monday.

For now, I will do a 'questions' post. Somebody posted this on Facebook, which of course means I stole it for my blog. 

I know I'll get back on track, but for now, I'll start off slow. Nothing gets me talking like a questionnaire does. The title of this one is 'I'll Confess My ABC's'. I don't know where it came from because FB doesn't really do the sources.

I'll Confess My ABC's

A - Age:

I am 34 years young. I'll be 35 in September. 35 was originally a deadline of sorts for goals, but I've decided I want it all, but not all right now. I can wait. 

B - Biggest Fear:

Loss and death. I'm ridiculously scared of losing those closest to me, and even though I've dealt with death quite a bit in the last 7 years, I'm still not prepared. I know, I know. It's something that happens, and I should be able to handle it. And I will handle it. I just don't want to.

C - Current Time:

I'm just going to go ahead and say noon.

D - Drink you last had:

Coffee coffee coffee. I drink coffee throughout the morning. I bring it from home though because the coffee here is not desirable.  

E - Easiest Person to Talk to:

I guess Clint. He's the one I talk most to. We can talk about anything. I can talk about most things with any friend or family member. I like to talk. I also quite enjoy talking through this blog - although, I don't say everything I'd like to. 

F - Favourite Song:

Do I have one? No. I like a lot of songs, and can't think of a particular favourite right now. There are a few I really enjoy. I just purchased (through the Google store) Keith Urban's John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16. It's fun. The same day, I downloaded Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. Ed Sheeran seems like a really cool guy. I also love Springsteen by Eric Church, and almost any 90s Alternative song I hear. I usually listen to the country station (92.9 The Bull), but I'm all over the place with music. I like it all.

G - Grossest Memory:

Well, I have 34 years of gross memories. (Or probably 30 that I actually remember.) So I'll just go with the most recent. Drogo puke all over my bed. Poor guy. I gagged though.

H - Hometown:

I am from a little 'ol Saskatchewan town called Plenty. It's actually a village. I've written about it before: hometown.html

I - In Love With: 

My life.

And Clint.

And my friends and family.

And my Drogo.

J - Jealous of:


Well, I feel jealous some days I guess. If it does happen, I try to snap myself out of it. I think the biggest jealous moments I have are of people who can afford to travel and go on trips. I'd like to only travel, but realistically, I need a job to pay for travel, and if I ever save up enough, or am able to take enough time off, I'll go for it.

But as for everyday jealousy, no. Things are good. I would rather feel gratitude than jealousy. 

K - Killed Someone:

I think the answer will always be the same for anybody taking this because even if they did kill somebody, it's probably not something to be talked about on a blog or FB. (Unless they are a cop, military or doctor).

However, I have a recurring nightmare (I've had it about twice which I count as recurring), that a long time ago in Plenty I had accidentally killed somebody and it was covered up. I woke up feeling like I had a repressed memory. It was scary. 

SO WE ARE CLEAR, I haven't killed anybody, it was just a dream.

L - Longest Relationship:

My sister and I have been together for 34 years.

My longest DATING relationship was five years. Clint and I are at 3 and a month. (But we will be a lifetime).

M - Middle Name: 

Leah (pronounced Lee)

N - Number of Siblings:

One. She's my favourite. (I'm the younger one).

O - One Wish:

Peace on Earth?

No more racism?

No more sexual / physical assaults on those unable to protect themselves?

No more depression?

That's more than one wish. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them well come true.

P - Person you last called:

Pretty sure it was a co-worker. From my phone at work. Or somebody I wrote a script for, or need information from. That's almost the only time I phone people. Other than my parents. I phone them because they don't text.

Q - Question you're always asked:

It depends where I am in life. Most recently: "When is the wedding?" 
Answer: We bought a house together. We're practically married. 
Real answer: Who knows.

The baby question also gets asked. They skip right over marriage, and ask about kids.

R - Reason to smile:

My life.

S - Song you last sang:

Any song that's great on the radio. I'll switch stations until I find a good one. I think it was this one by Dean Brody. I really enjoy it. 

T - Time you woke up:

I woke up at 2am because Drogo wanted to go out. I woke up again at 6am when Drogo was wide awake (Clint took care of him then). And I officially woke up for the last time at 6:45.

U - Underwear Colour:

I would just delete this question, and make up a new one, but I have no alternative floating around in my head. I'm still not going to answer. Not because I care if you know, but because I don't care to tell you.

V - Vacation Destination:

I want to go everywhere. 

My next vacation destination will be Kelowna. 

W - Worst Habit:

The inability to make up my mind. 


X - X-rays you've had:

Teeth. My elbow after I dislocated it.

Y - Your Favourite Food:

Anything but bananas. Not a fan of pepper either. Although I love peppers. Really though. I like food. Last night was barbecued Jalapeno and Cheddar sausages with mushrooms and onions, and a toasted bun. I'll eat anything with cheese. Except a banana.

Z - Zodiac Sign:

I'm a Virgo. I didn't used to think I fit a Virgo description. There are still many ways that I don't. However, I'm getting closer.

Thanks for reading!

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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