Friday 12 June 2015

Our new family member

June 12, 2015

Clint and I have a new family member. Everything is happening now that we've got our house. 

We met him in May, but he's officially a McCrowe now. He moved in with us last Tuesday, June 2nd, and is already a big part of the family.

First meeting on May 2nd. Although this may be one of his brothers or sisters.

We were actually looking at a different dog, but the option to raise a little Rottweiler came at the perfect time. It was love at first sight. (With every one of them!) We decided we wanted to be parents to a puppy. Frankly, I think that's a good way to go. Training for possible babies.

May 23rd we picked him out.

Clint and I weren't sure of his exact name, but we knew which one would soon be coming home with us. (The one that rolled in poop, giving him the nickname 'Poopy') We fell in love, and had to wait very patiently for a week until we could bring him home.

June 2nd -His new home!

The last week and a half, we've spent getting to know him. He even went on a first road trip for my Dad's birthday party. He's a puppy, so there are a lot of things that we need to watch for. Potty training, playing that leads to biting, and cute little puppy cries. Clint's been home, so he's able to take care of the puppy during the day, which has been very useful. I'd have a pretty hard time leaving to go to work if I had to leave him alone. (Although, leaving him AND Clint is also really hard.)

He is officially Drogo. We chose a name from Game of Thrones because there are not very many books that Clint and I have both read, and that's basically it. Plus, he's definitely a Drogo. I'm adding a few more pictures of him, but that's my update for today. Our family is one little guy bigger (soon to be one big guy bigger). We're head over heels for him and each other.

On the bed already.

Helping 'Mom' work.

First bath.

We won't let him eat shoes, but these ones? I'd be okay with him eating them. (haha)


We're in love. Now we need to get him super healthy, and super used to living in the house. We're still working on it. He had has first vet visit today (without me). 

We've definitely become THOSE parents. No apologies! Although - he's FOR SURE going to be a drama king. Our Little Diva Drogo. 

I keep promising a visit with him at work to my work pals, but he hasn't made it in yet. We want to get him healthy and happy first. (He's having some pooping problems while getting used to the new food). He hasn't been rolling in it like when we first met, so we're headed in the right direction! 

And that's that about the pup. I'm sure I'll have more updates later, but I have too many other things I need to update! 

Happy weekend all, I'm heading to Edmonton after work for a shopping trip with my mom and sister! Girl's weekend. I'll miss the pup and man like crazy, but I'm excited for time with two of my favourite people. 

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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