Tuesday 2 December 2014

Reader Profile... help a girl out...

December 2, 2014

  1. Share a profile of one of your readers. Who are they? How did they find your work?
First of all, I'm back to the prompts. My brain has been a tad blocked lately, and I thought I'd do some blogging/writing prompts.

Second, I did a post a while ago about bloggers and blogs that I have enjoyed. I mentioned to bloggers that read my own blog. So those are two readers. The link is below, and it's the last two on it. (Reader's Rapture and Flourish or Flounder).


Third, a profile of my readers? I'm going to be honest. I have no idea who my readers are. I see my page view, and I know how many clicks each post has received, but that's about it.

People don't leave a lot of comments, (I love the ones I do get), so I don't always know a lot about my readers.

My mom definitely reads my blog. She also reads my unpublished book(s). So the profile? Nancy reads my blog. She's my mom (as I said). She's a retired teacher. Married to my dad for many great years, and one of the best Mom's in the world. She finds my work because I shared the blog with her, but also because I share it on Facebook.

So anybody who is interested can read it. I just don't know who. They can like the link on FB, but that doesn't mean they actually click on the link.

I share on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. If it's about a specific person, I'll email them the link.

So, if anybody wants to comment, tell me about yourself and how you found my blog, I'd be honoured.

One of my reader's is this guy's Mom. (My work bff who is on maternity leave).

My mom, and me.

Same Day Update: 
My cousin (I want to say second or third cousin) just commented on my FB link.  "Found your blog from your sharing it on FB. I'm single, work in customer service (hotel) industry. Love to read, loves to laugh, and am a fairly quiet person. Hope this helps, Erin."

And as always:

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Prompts from: http://erinisawriter.blogspot.ca/2014/12/updated-prompts.html

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