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Strong Like Mommy

February 7, 2017

We were lucky enough to get a lot of boy clothes before and after Anthony was born. We got tons of great used clothes as well as new clothes from friends and family. 

As I was going through them, I found more than one onesie or shirt that said, "Strong Like Daddy" or "Tough Like Daddy".

I thought they were cute. There are others for Mommas (I DIG MOMMY) as well, but this one made me think. Why weren't there any "Tough like Mom" shirts?

To be honest, this was a quick thought that went through my head as I was washing all the clothes, and getting his closet ready, but I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Lately, my mind has been on it again. I know his daddy is strong. I know a lot of Daddys are strong. 

So are Moms. We don't always seem to get the credit for being strong. It's just understood that we take care of babies. We're the ones who nurture. 

He's got a "Mom is my anchor" onesie. (The photo is below). And it's super adorable. I feel proud when he wears it. Even though I'm the one who chooses his outfit. 

Being an anchor for somebody is strength. 

I googled Strong Like Mommy baby clothes. They do have them, but not in the way I wanted. 

There were a few with the saying and a photo representing muscles or working out. I do exercise, but not enough to make me want my son to wear that. I won't win in a fight.

There were others that had the saying with a breast cancer ribbon. Women who fight any kind of cancer are stronger than I could even imagine, but that's also not me. 

I was looking at boy clothing, but they did have ones for little girls that said, "Strong Like Daddy, Pretty Like Mommy." It's great that the makers of the onesies are promoting a strong little girl, but pretty like mommy? Really?

It really bothered me that I couldn't find what I wanted.

We carry our babies for nine freaking months. We hold it all together, and take care of ourselves and the growing baby inside us. That is strength.

We give birth to the baby. Whether this be a vaginal birth or c-section (planned or emergency), whether you have an epidural or not, it's one of the scariest things somebody can do. That is strength. It was hands down the scariest thing I've done (and nine months in, you can't back out.)

Taking care of your baby is strength. Sleepless nights. Fears that you are doing EVERYTHING wrong, but continuing on anyway. Postpartum Anxiety or Depression. Breastfeeding or not. It all takes strength. 

I am so proud of myself for the role I've taken. Sometimes I'm proud of myself for the simplest things. I changed a diaper without my child jumping off the change table. I got him dressed. I made it through the day even though I have only thought of sleep since waking up. I fed him. I bathed him without him climbing over the sides. (He doesn't stop moving).

Being a mom takes strength. 

I get my strength from different places. I get it from my partner. He's working away from home, but still has all the confidence in the world that I'm doing a great job. I get it from my baby. One smile from him in the morning gives me strength. Family. Friends. You name it. Support is wonderful.

I also get strength from myself. I know I'm strong (unless we're physically fighting, as I said, then I would lose). I know a lot of Moms who are stronger than they know. 

It's a really hard job. A job that is full of laughter, tears, fear, love, and strength. 

To be clear, I am in no way saying men aren't strong. I know they are. I'm happy Anthony can wear his shirt about being strong like Dad. 

Also to be clear, I think woman who aren't Moms are also strong. Life takes strength no matter where you are in it.

I simply think that maybe we should tell each other more often how great we're doing. How strong we are. In my case, I've got my baby to do it for me:

I had this shirt made by Kreations by Sunshine. I told her what I wanted, and she made the shirt for us. I want the world to know that my son is strong just like his mommy. He's going to be brave, strong, and tough like Daddy and Mommy. 

I want him to know how strong he is. I'm sure this will be easier because boys seem to be told that from the start, but I want him to be strong in every possible way because it's not always just about lifting weights. He will be strength.

If any Mommas are reading this, you made a kid. Congratulations, you're strong as hell.

Okay. Rant over. 

And before I go, this is the other onesie I was talking about. Super cute. Not made specifically for us though. And completely unrelated, I remember when I saw this, and didn't think he'd EVER fit into it. Now I'd like to slow it down.

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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